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  1. Added Bear Lake Map Added efficient way to level Bait Harvesting Skill % and Groundbait Skill %
  2. Posted it already on Discord, but here it might stick a bit longer. Created a first Version and work in progress Sheet specifically for Amber Lake. The reason for that was that I will most likely spend there a very long Time and so I have the possibility to actually share and collect 1:1 Informations. Have fun with it, greetings Paul >> Click me <<
  3. Was yesterday on a almost desperate search of a possibility to make XP. Only 1 Level is missing to unlock Amber Lake and all my "go to" Spots did not produce whatsoever. So I even went for a final attempt with Eels at Old Burg and considered the result for 2 Nights I would say I found an active Spot: Coords 23:67 - Clip 6 - Bait Fish Piece - Nighttime (21:00-8:00) Rain seemed to be good, 2nd Night was 4 Eels, so 9 Eels for 2 Nights: Tight Lines Paul
  4. PaulPatient


    Did finish yesterday after 9 days / 90 hours of almost no life playing and streaming RF4 my first decently working Carp setup x3. Went the last 2 hours for the first time to Bear Lake, ended up with not the best results, but still was fully hyped about Carp fishing. Today I came back and would say had decent fishing, still not the best, but it became better and better. I did not make any Keep Net Screenshots, but I would say avg was around 180 Silver/h and that with trying around different things and spots. Result: 43:51 with Clip 20 was for me the best working Spot (This Spot did for some reason work way better without using any Groundbait at all) 55:63 with Clip 20 was the best alternativ to let 43:51 a bit regenerate. Highlight from 55:63 (fight time 17 Minutes, was the first Leather Carp I have ever caught) Highlight from 43:51 (fight time 33 Minutes, happened offstream during making some Stream overlay changes...sorry^^) I used a #4/0 Hook because I saw it at a German Forum post, it was so counterintuitiv for me that I only bought one of them and both Trophies did bite on it... Wish you all good luck and tight Lines Paul https://www.twitch.tv/paulpatient
  5. PaulPatient

    Hot Spots

    23:46, Clip 20, Bait preferred Garlic Dough if not available use Pear Barley, Hook Size for me #8, Timeframe around 20:00 - 9:00. Cast direction towards the biggest dead white tree on the opposite side. Spot does provide for me 5-20 1+ kg Breams a Night, can be a bit hit and miss, not really steady, kinda often 3+kg though. Sidecatch White Bream and Roach both also caught in Trophy (make sure to check your rods frequently, Roaches tend to stay still and then randomly "fish got away" appears.) And because the RF4 community was really nice so far (started 6 days ago) here are 2 more Hot Spots and my personal Leveling & Gear progress Plan that I made before starting which brought me in that Time to Level 21 with 80% Bottom Fishing Skill . Spot 1: The currently go to Spot for me due really high Frequency and a decent amount of Trophies (about 40 in 6 IRL days) which is simply fun, is: Mosquito Lake, Crucian & Giebel, Coords 67:57 where the Boat is, Clip 9 to the left side, Bait preferred Semolina if not available any other Dough or even simple worms are doing fine too. The Keep Net is normally full within 40-50 Minutes, the Silver varies at 130-200+ Sidecatch: Rarely some small Common Carps. Even more rare = Roach, Chinese sleeper, Tench 95%+ are simply Crucian and Giebel. Catchtime: 19:00 - 9:00 - Frequency of Night and Day are kinda the same, the biggest difference is that during day ~50% are not tagged or tagged juveniles (worthless) during Night those might not even be 5%. Also Trophies are way more common during "Night", for me especially between 05:00-08:00. Sidenote: Standard Crucian/Giebel GB is totally fine, but make sure you have GB skilled so you have high Quality one 9/10 10/10. Spot 2: Was recommended by a Viewer today, I was searching the whole Time something kinda valuable to do during the daytime and thanks to him it is finally happening, thanks to Razor! Belaya, Bleak, Coords 71:64, Float fishing at lowest depth, Hook Size Tiny (20-24), Bait Pear Barley, Cast to the left and let it drift down with the current. Catchtime: ~ 08:00-20:00, Keep Net Value avg 70-100 Silver (if you can get used to handle multiple float Rods^^), no sidecatch so far. Sidenote: kinda a 50:50 rate between tagged and untagged, so should be also good for People in need of Baitfish Also Trophies seem to be quite common. No Groundbait cost, "no" gear wear. My currently personal choice of fishing is Night at Mosquito(Crucian/Giebel), Day at Belaya, Night at Old Burg(Bream), Day at Belaya and repeat. That way Mosquito and Old Burg Spot can regenerate completely and does provide overall better results. 3. Leveling and Gear Progression optimized for Bottom Fishing: After doing some research this was the plan I made for myself to reach my Goals of 80% Bottom Fishing and 3 decently working Carp Setups as efficient as I could think of. This does not mean that is the best noa the cheapest way, neither the way you should play, it is simply my way. I just share it because I was asked about it several times on Stream and maybe some new Players can get some Ideas out of it and what to look out for https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_VM1SvoNGW6vJ3ZxFRiwlKNV95-s8GTLicrie8DH-90/edit#gid=0 For those who are interested, that are my Stats after ending my 6th Day of no Life playing following that Plan: That should be all, hope it does help out, see you guys around, tight Lines! Paul Ps: Weird looking Screenshots are cut out of the Stream with removing Stream related stuff.
  6. Hi all, my name is Paul and I am a dedicated Gamer who is into long term grinding games and due some IRL changes I am able to take my hands on another one. After doing quite some research and gathering as many Infos as possible I finally decided that it will be RF4 I will start from 0 playing & streaming the game for the first Time at the 1st of June with a 24h Stream starting at 6AM CEST - 4AM GMT - 9PM PST. More Infos you can find over at the Channel at the Info section below it: https://www.twitch.tv/paulpatient Would be lovely when people stop by and say hello! Ps: One thing I could not find was a list of all known Fishes in Trophy size, I found only two outdated ones, so I decided to make one myself which I will update and share. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_VM1SvoNGW6vJ3ZxFRiwlKNV95-s8GTLicrie8DH-90/edit#gid=0 Tight Lines Thanks Paul
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