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  1. Hello, I'd like to ask you. If I delete my account, will it be possible to transfer another account to the deleted email address ? And will the deleted nick be available for renaming ? Thanks
  2. Thanks for adding those few fish. The water looks much more alive.
  3. Most people don't look for the fish anyway and find an active spot on the web, forums, discord or ask friends where they caught what. Surface activity might get them back to walking around the water looking for an active spot and see what fish are in it. Plus, it would be closer to reality. When I come to the water in the real world, I also look around first to see what's going on and then fish accordingly. But I agree that developers may see this as making the game easier and thus less profitable.
  4. Hello, it would be good to add some fish activity on the surface to the game. That way the active spot could be recognized by sight/sound and one wouldn't have to search for spots on the web and forums. What I have in mind - hunting predators would chase small fish, carp near the bottom would release bubbles and sludge, small fish could be attracted by throwing bread on the surface, etc..... If you've ever been fishing, you know what I mean. ńĆabla
  5. Map: Sura River Coordinates: 53:50 Bait: Bark Beetle Larva Ingame name: Cabla
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