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  1. It doesnt need to be new screen it can be another menu option, but they can charge silver for that. And not only for viewing cafe order they can additionally charge for selling it from the menu as well. 10% or 20% of the fish value or one off charge for courier to come, pick up and sell your fish instead of you going all the way back to the cafe.
  2. That one was set to 7 days to expire so it should be valid. I created another one which should be permanent https://discord.gg/fWEDhRzuwD
  3. Try this one https://discord.gg/K3zDY9Zb
  4. I think ive got the winning eel lol Name: Zed McJack Map: Old Burg Coordinates 35:58 Bait: Nightcrawler
  5. I was reading local fishing mag and saw a pictures of 2 man with 85kg Silver Carp caught in lake Volvi (Λίμνη Βόλβη), Greece, close to the city of Stavros. The mag article says that it is probably biggest Silver Carp catch in Europe. The alleged age of the carp is probably 30 years as it is known that they released some quantities from some other lake 30 years ago. Two years ago they also had an Silver carp of 78kgs. From the picture we can see that it is actually caught with net, not with a rod. Couldnt find anything in English but there are some mentions in Greek sites. https://vatolakkiotis.blogspot.com/2021/01/85.html https://www.athensvoice.gr/viral/viral-now/699100_epiasan-psari-gigas-sti-limni-volvi-85-kila-eikones
  6. No, you adjust break so that by reeling in you dont go in the red. If the fish is stronger youll need more time to tire it out, if the bar goes to red you reduce breake, if its weaker youll probably set it higher to get it in faster.
  7. If I remember correctly I cast a float around 70% strength, the float settled and the message appeared. Now, did I just checked what the other rods are doing or even retrieved one rod I dont remember. When I looked again the float was disappearing so I hit the right button and fought the fish some time before I could reel it out of the water on the upstream side of the island at WR.
  8. No, its not even unlocked for me yet. Im at 78,8% and sandwich unlocks at 80%
  9. Its a case one first evaluated - whoever gets most species, you didnt pass that
  10. Im not sure about hook it was probably other size, the rest was like here.
  11. I was at Winding rivulet fishing on worm with Bolognese rod at the river current when I got Ide 3,6kg, but it wasnt registered for qualification. I needed Bolognese rod, worm bait and the message drifting with the current, and I had all of it. Have no idea what was wrong, maybe bug? Can you check my yesterdays fishing session?
  12. ZedMcJack


    It took me months for this, but I finally caught Trophy Perch at Mosquito and completed trophy card there and got my Award of Honorary Fisherman at Mosquito. Last couple of times I used jigging as Kelly S(Thanks!) had the same result with it, but didnt get it until today. Maybe additional skill point in jigging helped I dont know, but after I reached 29th level I put one point in there. So it was 55:75, Spoon lure Kiruuna Veikko 8g-12, cast NE at 90% strength and jigging one full handle rotation. The trophy picture was empty I guess it was glitch so I had to take the screenshot from the net.
  13. Thanks now its much more clear how the points are calculated.
  14. First, the link for questions provided in the tour description is invalid. Now questions. Description says that the winner will be decided by the number of species caught as first condition and the max points from max weight for each specie as the second condition 1. What rule is for non-winners order, same? 2. The size, weight & points are used in the way that I dont understand what is it that matters actually The size, if its not the weight the only other size is length in cm, but its probably not that as its not stated like that? Case one Lets say I caught 20 species of the total 25, and the other player caught 19, who will have better ranking? Case two Both of us caught 5 species Me: Bleak 65g, Crucian 2kg, Common Carp 16kg, Mussel 90g and Ide 1.5kg He: Bleak 23g, Crucian 300g, Common Carp 7kg, Sleeper 100g and Ide 3kg How the ranking goes now? Case three Both of us caught only one specie Common Carp Mine 21kg His 10kg What happens now with ranking? Thanks
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