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  1. We can only hope that its not from Winding or that its too heavy lol, Congrats anyway very nice fish.
  2. I know that additional ticket can solve this, or picking up the rods myself. What I thought here is that there is already similar logic implemented in the RF4 - the game packs my rods when I change the waterbody, so the game could do the same here without forcing me to spend another ticket.
  3. It happened to me twice so its rather easy to reproduce. Rent a boat and use it (or even do nothing) one day, but leave the rod in the rod holder on boat (press 0). When the rent expire you are teleported to starting location on that map, but the rod is still there in the boat and you cant reach it without using another daily ticket. I guess the same happens if you leave 2 rods although I did not test that. The fix seems easy one, pack the rods in inventory when the rent expire.
  4. ZedMcJack


    Volkhov river 164:109 (Pier), Nightcrawler, clip 25 Thanks Kole S for this
  5. ZedMcJack


    Seversky Donets 73:160, float 1m, Redworm+Caster. Unfortunately I pressed space to bring the net and as the big picture came at the same moment I put the fish in net without taking screenshot of the trophy. Maybe the devs could add an option if its trophy fish and the screenshot is not taken we get a warning or something similar, like assigning different key for putting fish in net and bringing net? As soon as the weight of fish was shown in chat and listed in weekly records the flood of messages appeared so I new I caught something big and when I looked at that KiltedJocks spreadsheet I missed 5g to have blue tag Pumpkin Seedfish lol. Later I got 3 first places in respective categories of the same fish for Ultralight, Tele and General category. For some time I had high hopes on getting on the ratings list and maybe snatching some more serious money, but when the reset was done I havent seen my nick on the list. That brings another question, why rating points are listed under region listings if they are not used in calculation? I could post pictures of my fish in the other region lists for other fish not only P. Sunfish, but I guess you are not interested. Anyway its already too long post, but I am happy that I got some kind of reward compensation from the game as I was pissed off with the last weeks error that wasted my 3 days of effort to get good result on that Tournament that got disqualified for Other region.
  6. Ok, thanks for reply Actually, when I went to withdraw I realized that I am already removed from 20-29 so its done automatically. Its good to know. Thanks anyway
  7. I reached level 30 and registered for the same comp at higher level. Now I am registered twice, is that ok or I have to withdraw from 20-29??
  8. I read that the other region is considered as US so we dont need to worry about wasting our time, the resuts would be valid as its said on Discord. Still as Im close to get to level 30 Im still wondering whats happening when I reach level 30, do I still participate in the level 20-29 tour or what actually happens?
  9. Ok, I see that the tour was removed and recreated, now I was able to register without issues although it doesnt mention Other region?
  10. You just posted 2 tournaments for carp fishing, but I cant join the one labeled 20-29 although I am level 29. I got the same message as if I trying to join tur for level 30+ Beside this, what happens if I join this tour and in the meanwhile I reach level 30 (I am not too far from it)? Do I compete where I joined or Im moved to upper league?
  11. I think Colt45UK is correct(although I never lost or broke my rods), you can get free rods and reel from the hut in the Cottage pond.
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