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  1. Got 2 trophies at 72:85 on float 38cm Gudgeon on Pearl barley and Bleak on Bloodworm
  2. 1. While playing list of records gets updated and we are seeing it in the chat box. Some of records have (M) in the end of the line, what does it mean? 2. Before retrieving bottom rod I press R key to see if I have the fish hooked or not as max speed is automatic, but sometimes it says the speed is set to automatic, but the fish is not on the rod nor is the message "The fish got away" is in the chatbox. Is this bug or?
  3. When the fish is on the soil you dont have to get it with net just walk over it and youll "collect" it.
  4. Got this C.Roach on worm. Bottom rod, hook 7 clip 20(i think), in the 4.5m hole
  5. Got trophy Perch just below the Cafe (I think its 72:84) clip 25 aiming all to the right just below the bridge. Bait Nightcrawler
  6. Thanks for replies, is there ingame way to take screenshot or I have to use some other program?
  7. In the last week Ive got several trophies on Mosquito and yesterday Ive got 5. The place was Perch creek (I was actually looking for trophy perch) I think its 49:43, the bite was Nightcrawler clip was 25. I was aiming right side of the bank - the tree in the water, thats where Ive got 4 Sleepers. For Ruffe I did the same but switched the side to the left, behind the reeds. Sorry for bad image, it was taken with phone camera as I dont know is there ingame way to take screenshot?
  8. Hi, I have a couple of questions 1. Is there way for game to remember the password I typed in, or I always have to retype it?(RF launcher not Steam) 2. When I tried to change the movement key the game doesnt allow me to do so, why? 3. I used to be on the weekly listing for frog on Mosquito for Other countries. What is with those points and all, its not explained anywhere? 4. There is no post new topic in the forums, the only way to post is to reply to this thread, why? Z.
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