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  1. Went to Belaya to try Bleaks, Greylings or Brown trout trophy. Spinning didnt produce much so I tried Bleaks and it was working pretty good but no Trophy yesterday the best was 105g. Today I tried again and got the trophy and the personal best on Bleaks. Moved on to deeper parts to try to get that Grayling or Brown trout and as I didnt know what to do with so much Bleak baitfish tried baiting them and got Freshwater Crayfish trophy on one. Bleak trophy on 71:61, bait fly, depth 17cm, hook 18. Freshwater Crayfish on 73:56 Baitfishing rig, bait Bleak, hook 1, clip 30m.
  2. What happens with boilies? In common popup setup there is boilie + corn and dip. If I change the boilie size is this another bait or not? If I change the mount is it the same or not? If I switch to sinking boilies with same taste (banana) is count as different bait or not?
  3. Could not edit the original post. For comparison I caught Common Carp and it was 6,8 silver for 3,8kg and from the above picture you can see that cafe order for C.Carp of 3kg is 23,34 silver. It seems that Fish market price is somewhere about 1/4 of Cafe order price for the same kgs.
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or its as intended. In Old Burg cafe order the price offered for trophy Perch is just 20 silver?! Im not sure what is the price for trophy Perch at fish market but as trophy Crucians and Gibels sell for 15 or so silver this certainly looks as misery price if you consider that its much harder to get trophy Perch than Crucian or Gibel. At the same time the price for trophy Burbot is 250 silver
  5. Nice fish, although Id like to see a couple of pictures of the lake too. The first ones were nice. Whats the depth around the lake?
  6. The only thing that I havent seen mentioned is what happens when you catch more than required number of fish per order? I guess only the best ones are considered and the rest are omitted, but it is also possible that only the first fish caught are considered and subsequent fish are discarded. It would be good to know exact rules.
  7. Akhtuba Caspian Roach 126:133, Botttom rod, clip 20, bait Nightcrawler
  8. The owners were quiet last couple of months so Im not sure is it alive or not. They cant be seen on the forums & discord now and they used to be very active.
  9. I saw this omission several times, at first I wondered did I make mistake and released tagged fish, but realized its an error on the game's side. It only happens with White-eyed bream so other fish is ok. There might be 2 reasons for this, 1. The tagged weight of the fish should be lower or 2. The bonus is not aligned properly with tagged weight. Here is the screenshot of the fish and the message after I released it :
  10. Winding rivulet: 107:100 Clip 9-10, redworm
  11. Amber lake 36:127, clip 25, hair rig
  12. Not a bad catch for such a slow fish work, congrats! I am yet to catch my first pike but I remember getting a tench a long time ago, since then they went to the red list so we have to release them if we get them. The lake is beautiful and I like that its not too big. I found a tick on my body after I returned from the last fishing so take care.
  13. Amber lake, 84:186 clip 35
  14. Ladoga 43:70, clip 12, bait Caddisfly for Three-spined Stickleback Ladoga 23:53, clip 12, bait worm for Ruffe Ladoga 23:53, Float, depth 88, maggot for Common Roach
  15. I think youre right I was comparing it after posting and its not really the same fish as Gudgeon. It seems we dont have these little fellas in RF4.
  16. I was fishing today at local canal and I think I caught my first RL Gudgeon, although I am not sure is it or not. Of course I released it as all these small and rare fish are under protection.
  17. We can only hope that its not from Winding or that its too heavy lol, Congrats anyway very nice fish.
  18. I know that additional ticket can solve this, or picking up the rods myself. What I thought here is that there is already similar logic implemented in the RF4 - the game packs my rods when I change the waterbody, so the game could do the same here without forcing me to spend another ticket.
  19. It happened to me twice so its rather easy to reproduce. Rent a boat and use it (or even do nothing) one day, but leave the rod in the rod holder on boat (press 0). When the rent expire you are teleported to starting location on that map, but the rod is still there in the boat and you cant reach it without using another daily ticket. I guess the same happens if you leave 2 rods although I did not test that. The fix seems easy one, pack the rods in inventory when the rent expire.
  20. Volkhov river 164:109 (Pier), Nightcrawler, clip 25 Thanks Kole S for this
  21. Seversky Donets 73:160, float 1m, Redworm+Caster. Unfortunately I pressed space to bring the net and as the big picture came at the same moment I put the fish in net without taking screenshot of the trophy. Maybe the devs could add an option if its trophy fish and the screenshot is not taken we get a warning or something similar, like assigning different key for putting fish in net and bringing net? As soon as the weight of fish was shown in chat and listed in weekly records the flood of messages appeared so I new I caught something big and when I looked at that KiltedJocks spreadsheet I missed 5g to have blue tag Pumpkin Seedfish lol. Later I got 3 first places in respective categories of the same fish for Ultralight, Tele and General category. For some time I had high hopes on getting on the ratings list and maybe snatching some more serious money, but when the reset was done I havent seen my nick on the list. That brings another question, why rating points are listed under region listings if they are not used in calculation? I could post pictures of my fish in the other region lists for other fish not only P. Sunfish, but I guess you are not interested. Anyway its already too long post, but I am happy that I got some kind of reward compensation from the game as I was pissed off with the last weeks error that wasted my 3 days of effort to get good result on that Tournament that got disqualified for Other region.
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