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  1. Hey guys, I've searched for them on the forums and looked at all the lakes/rivers. How can we get the legendary groundbait additives Dried Daphnia, Dried Gammarus and Gammarus that is permanently out of stock?
  2. Good morning my neighbours!!! When I started playing RF4 it was through the steam client, I have since gotten my account moved from steam to standalone, now I have a question. Is my profile still active on Steam? Basically what I want is to have a second account for RF4 but I want to be able to play on both accounts on the same time. I have multiple monitors connected to my PC and 6 rods are better than 3. Is it possible to run one account on stand alone and one on steam because I tried launching the game through the standalone launcher but it does not allow me to log in a second account, It just switches to the window with the already launched game. Thank you for your time. Regards Farmboy102
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