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  1. Thanks for the reply Crucian, you can imagine our horror at the thought of shelling out 25k per rod if this want the case Much appreciated KJ
  2. Hey Guys We have been discussing lately whether or not the rod bonuses apply to rods that are NOT in your hand?, one of us recalls possibly an admin mentioning that affixes are not active unless you're holding the rod, can we get some clarity please. Example: Trolling and you have x2 Ultimas in each rod holder whilst holding a 3rd ultima rod, we would assume the affixes are working on all 3 rods? or does it only apply to the rod you are holding? KJ
  3. once you login in whatever weather is at point of login its stuck at that for that entire session until you relog, this can be exploited and can potentially ruin the game. please address this ASAP.
  4. Trophy Taimen and Nelma within 2 hrs Handmade Balsa Crank 65F-005 rainy / overcast Taimen was caught at 0200 hrs and Nelma 0500hrs
  5. Spring has arrived and with it a new season of the BlueTag Fishing League. Congratulations to the winners of Season 4, splendid performance and some fun comps! Format: The season will be comprised of 8 in-game competitions; the top 10 players in each competition will receive points and your best 5 placements will count towards your final score. The competitions will be running for 2 hours each. Both Steam and Standalone accounts will be eligible for prizes. Prizes: Blade Inferno 800 Zeiman Classic ZC70 Segun Advent J-F0HHH Kingfisher Legacy 13-4.50 150 Goldbaits every comp The top 4 players will each choose a prize from the prize pool in order of their placement in the season. Scoring: You will be awarded 10 points for placing 1st in a competition, 9 points for placing 2nd, 8 points for 3rd place, all the way down to 10th place which will be awarded 1 point. All players will be awarded 1 point for participation, provided they have caught at least one of the specified fish, up to a total of 8 participation points over the course of the month. Wild Card: Catching a Blue Tag (Super Trophy) fish of the specified species awards 2 extra points (for each Blue Tag). A screenshot of your net from the competition will be required. At the end of the month your best 5 placements will count towards your final score. You must be in the stream at the end of the competition in order to be awarded points for placing in the top 10. The hosting streamer will do a roll call. Points can NOT be passed down on request; they will however be passed on if the player fails to answer the roll call. Tiebreakers: If 2 or more players have the same final score, the winner of the tiebreaker will be the player who had the best placement in an individual comp. If there is still a tie, then the winner of the tiebreaker will be the player who trophied the most comp species in the season. As a last resort, in the case that the tie is still not resolved, the winner will be the one who caught the biggest fish in this season. Competitions: Wednesday 05.05 - Ladoga - Max Weight of 3 Species - Char/Gray Char/Red Char. Hosted by KiltedJock Saturday 08.05 - Kuori Lake - Max Weight of 3 Species: Kuori Char/Arctic Char/Lake Trout. Hosted by Whisky_Ace Wednesday 12.05 - Winding Rivulet - Max Weight of 3 Species: Gudgeon/Bleak/Dace. Hosted by SaltyMcSaltee Saturday 15.05- Tunguska - Max Weight of 3 Species: Siberian Char Loach/Siberian Gudgeon/Siberian Roach. Hosted by Zbiffer Wednesday 19.05 - Amber Lake - Heaviest Fish - Any . Hosted by Zbiffer Saturday 22.05 - Tunguska - Max Weight of 3 Species: Easy Siberian Grayling/Arctic Grayling/Sharp-Snouted Lenok Hosted by KiltedJock Wednesday 26.05 - Volkhov River - Max Weight of 3 Species: Atlantic Salmon/Asp/Pike. Hosted by SaltyMcSaltee Saturday 29.05 - ????? - MYSTERY COMP ** . Hosted by Whisky_Ace ** Mystery Competition Details will be revealed 1 Hour before competition Commences All competitions will be starting at 21:00 CET - 15:00 EST and will have a duration of 2 hours. The stream will be online 60 minutes prior to the start of the competition. Message Nefelin2707 in-game if you have any questions, or reply to this topic. So grease your reels and meet us by the water! Streamer Links: KiltedJock - https://twitch.tv/kiltedjock SaltyMcSaltee - https://twitch.tv/saltymcsaltee Whisky_Ace - https://twitch.tv/whisky_ace Zbiffer - https://twitch.tv/zbiffer
  6. wear on line guides does not affect the rods load capacity it only affects wear on the line therefore in your example the rod would be at 35.26
  7. Having used the dropshot/three-way rig in real life, the idea behind this rig is to allow the lure/worm/spinner to be set at a specific depth in the water to allow you to find and take advantage of the strike zone where the fish are at that point. However within the game you cannot alter the depth at which the lure sits from the weight and thus defeats the very point in the rigs existence, when the rod is in you hand in the game the lure looks like its fixed maybe 0.5m from the weight which is ok, but having the ability to play with that depth would be very advantageous can we request that the ability to change the distance from weight to lure is implemented. KJ
  8. Team name: Blue Tag Spoon Loons Captain: KiltedJock Members: Millwill Clockwise deadhedge Gasha.
  9. Jock needs whisky..... please add a Single Malt Whisky to the Alcohol list!!!! hahaha
  10. Patch Notes 12/29/2020: Introduced a new type of bait - Freshwater Gammarus (scud). This bait can be obtained with a scoop or purchased from a fishing store. Adjusted the size of the populations and the preferences of some species of fish on Tunguska River - can you tell us what species population was affected and whether this was increased or decreased? - you done it for peleds below, happy to tell us where an increase takes place please do the same for a negative change. On the Tunguska River the size of the Peled population has been increased. At the same time, its price in the fish market has been reduced. The efficiency of float fishing in a current has been adjusted. Changes affect fishing with several rods at the same time - can you tell us exactly what's changed here many people now reporting that fishing with multiple rods is now severely affecting catch rates and can you also explain the reasoning behind such a weird decision? The restriction on purchase amounts for goods in grocery stores has been increased from 100 to 300 pcs. Increased the chance of catching New Year's gifts when fishing with a telescopic rod at the festive location on Mosquito Lake. - this just does NOT feel like this happened at all personally know myself and several people that are now several hundred fish in and still no last bag - notably worse when before the change. Fixed. After visiting a player's home, some rods and rigs were not displayed correctly. Fixed: Some animations on the water surface were not displayed correctly.
  11. this used to be a feature in the game......it was removed
  12. i agree, float fishing atm in this game feels severely broken. all these carps and its pointless floating for them because it just really doesnt work apart from using Doughs and that feels like theres no diversity. please can this be visited, we have a whole game section/money invested and it feels very underwhelming. KJ
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