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  1. if that not close.....i dunno what is...wow
  2. Well done to all.....what a rollercoaster of a tourney!! Good Luck
  3. 2 factor authentication seems like a good idea
  4. Team Name: Casual Gentlemans Club Team captain: KiltedJock Team members: MillWill Dan Winter Zbiffer clockwise
  5. -Map: Amber Lake - Coordinates: 67:157 - Bait: Caviar 20 popup + Caviar Flavour Red - Ingame name: KiltedJock
  6. can you please put the entire placement tables, im sure people who put effort in over the weekend would like to know their placement overall Jock
  7. -Map: Akhtuba River -Coordinates: 100:57 -Bait: Zebra Mussel Meat -Ingame name: KiltedJock
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