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  1. i caught Bastard sturgeons with Rhino, in the big 15m hole. But it seems there are more sturgeons and catfishs in the small 15m hole, i tried spining in the big 15m hole, and only caught 1 fish, catifsh 700gr, in 1h30mn irl. tried, all new wobblers, foam rubber, lynns 120 and 80, and giant shad, nothing.
  2. chey

    Sura River

    game is dead, all biterate was crazy nerfed after the last patch
  3. chey

    Lake Ladoga

    yeah i showed this during one of my live stream when Ladoga just added, boat with feeder or match rod (17m deph), and rhino, i caught 4 baltic the same day irl.
  4. chey

    Sura River

    the bad thing about sura is, no gold bait, no money FW krill 18 or NC will never let you catch sturgeon/sterlets like zebra mussel, rhino and crayfish tail will do and this is very bad. There is a name for this in other game, p2w, for me Sura was always a p2f (pay to fish) map
  5. chey

    Sura River

    Halibut 14? what fish did you target with this boilie? before it was only small fish at Sura.
  6. chey

    Lake Ladoga

    This map make me crazy, very disappointed with Ladoga, sura atm is 30x better than Ladoga and more profitable. for a map lvl28 Ladoga need to be more profitable than it is. I can understand that devs want Baltic sturgeon to be a rare fish to catch, but why to put this crazy low biterate for catfish? So there are no big fishs to farm at Ladoga, no cat, no baltic, we can catch them only with luck and this is the biggest difference with Sura, Sura we can farm big fish russian or catfishs if we want some fun, Ladoga it's impossible we can only catch baltic and cat if lucky. Put a normal biterate for catfish at Ladoga. Screenshot is : fishing time irl : 9h12mn result 363 silver spining holes : 11m, 14m and 18m lures used : foam rubber black and purple, maggots black and brown, Quicker 4.5-001 and 7, spoons, wobblers joined plug 13-SS005 and 13-SS002, DP Crank8-002, S11-004, lynns minnow 80-008, 80-002, 80-004, classic shad 3-001, 3-005
  7. chey

    Lake Ladoga

    caught 4 baltic sturgeon today during my live stream, but small, 5, 7, 9 and 10kg. In the 18m hole, with boat + match rod, deph 17m, sandwich bait, fish piece+rhino and after with fish piece+crayfish tail. I will try this technic in the 11m and 14m hole maybe tomorrow.
  8. chey

    Lake Ladoga

    but this spot is good for livebait frog, try it. i tried spining with the best lure for this map, Lynns minnow 80-008, it worked really nice, unfortunatelly i don't have Texas rig yet, and with texas rig fishs are bigger. But spining from shore at 41.43 throw in the 14m hole, jig step = 1 fish for every cast as you can see in my yesterday live stream
  9. chey

    Lake Ladoga

    Yes same thing for me at 41.43. Firrst part of my live stream 4h = 200 silver 2nd part of my live stream 5h = 300 silver very bad
  10. chey

    Lake Ladoga

    unfortunatelly, i streamed 9h today at this spot with 2 feeder+ live bait rod, feeder with mayfly larva, char seems to totally left the spot. The only good fishs was with live bait frog, 7 kg burbot, trophy burbot 9.8kg, salmon 7kg And i don't know what happened, but all big fish "fish got away" tonight, all my friend that wad fishing in Ladoga, same probleme, big fish = fish got away.
  11. chey

    Sura River

    best spot for Ide is at Volkhov spawning zone, 164.109 with salmon 14
  12. chey

    Kuori lake

    spot : 112.93 feeders setup : screenshot bait : Garlic Dough fishing time : 1h20mn Casting distance : 70.80% with sinker 84gr
  13. chey

    Bear Lake

    spot : same spot setup : screenshot deph : 1m10 bait : Potatoes+Egg Dough fishing time : 1h22mn the trophy common took me 20mn fight, same with the stupid 13kg grass carp, this explain the low number of fish, coz i ran far aways from 55.33
  14. chey

    Bear Lake

    spot : 55.33 setup : screenshot float - Rig with Waggler bait used : Cream Mango 20+potatoes (i tried Cream Mango 20+Egg Dough and caught few good fish included the Leather carp 19.963kg) Fishing time : 7h (but included 2h for the competion and as usual i always take less and smaller fish during competition - My average number of fish is 25-30/h, during the competition i only caught 10 fish in 2h, so you can substract the 2h competition from the 7h, when i started the comp i had 78 fish in my keepnet after 4h of fishing, 88 fishs at the end of comp and caught the 11 last fish in 30mn) PS : If you use braid+leader you will have correct biterate, but less than if you use only mono as shown on the Last screenshot So why i use the braid+leader setup, that's simple, because at 55.33 the fish can run aways more than 200m in straight line and with the Mono setup you have only 117m line in the spool so if trophy or 20kg+ it's almost impossible. Always choose wisely your setup with the spot you want to use only Mono without leader = best biterate but you can lose big fishs even if you try to follow them. Braid+leader less bierate but more line on the spool for big fishs PS 2 : This fishnet was made only with 2 feeders
  15. spot : 47.20 setup : same setup time range for Eel : 17h - 11h degree : below 15° fishing time : 8 nights, with a break for dinner 2h Eels : 25 Chineese sleeper : 24 burbot : 1
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