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  1. Map: Akhtuba River Spot: 142:41 Bait: Mayfly IGN: Pepper0100
  2. RF4EN_pepper0100_16526_20210601235226.7z Tried setting options in nvidia control panel. didnt change anything Being reported in german forum by people in this thread.
  3. Happens after update. I've tried all the video options. You can notice a subtle movement like lag after moving the rod. its the same issue reported with Amber while zooming but actually it happens no mater what and the zoom actually points out the issue more obviously. In chat a few other players have noticed this. For me its making me feel sick because the horizon keeps on jumping. Other people say their game is fine.
  4. completed 100% today with this method,
  5. Show your support for up and comers with another fish of the week just for players under level 25-30 I see so many winners with 100k+ silver and level 40+ winning things which is nice, how about giving some tackle to those who aren't able to compete with +3 skill rods ect that the high level players own.
  6. Hi, im in china so UnionPay is what we use but when choosing any premium option only the follow message shows: The error has occurred. Please apply to Technical Support.
  7. Map: Akhtuba River Coordinates: 106:140 Bait: Caddisfly Ingame name: pepper0100
  8. Map: Tunguska Grid: C6 Bait: Quicker 4.5-007 Ingame name: pepper0100
  9. Map: Seversky Donets Bait: Mayfly Ingame name: pepper0100
  10. Map: Winding Rivulet Bait: Redworm Ingame name: pepper0100
  11. Map: Winding Rivulet Bait: Redworm Ingame name: pepper0100
  12. This is something i have been investigating and found that it is reproducible. I'm just reporting this as an issue for the devs to look at when they possibly have the time Two ways to reproduce. 1. After placing a rod in the rest on a boat, then fishing from land, the rod will whip up when picking up causing the line to scream out the reel and wear on the friction brake. 2. when fishing with a much longer rod like a telescopic and setting it on a rod rest the other shorter rods will whip up violently. The vid shows the first way to reproduce. Sorry for potato quality - using non-gaming laptop. Beginning of vid is normal behavior, after returning from the boat listen for drag and notice the rod tip moves more. Youtube vid
  13. pepper0100


    Map: Sura River Cords: 39:63 21% cast power
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