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  1. fresh game download and install did the trick for me, although i only see numbers ingame instead of names,and im unable to check the weeklies, it just says "an internal error occurred" . will test again tomorrow
  2. i did restart pc and router, i am downloading the complete game now again, will update once its done and i have tried it again!
  3. Hi guys Dont know if im the only one having this issue but my game downloaded the update with no issues and unpackes the patch aswell but then when it wants to start installing the patch i get a error message saying "game content patch failed" i have tried everything included restarting the game but it just does the same thing, at this moment im just constantly trying to do it over and over again but no luck so far. I have checked game files more than once but does not seem to help. Regards.
  4. thanx bud, i have been trying it the whole time,even restarted pc, but will continue to try it thnx
  5. why does my game keep saying "game content patch failed" when it tries to install the new patch after unpacking it..any help or news?
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