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  1. Sry, wobblers working BEFORE 10 july restart. Thanks
  2. I am testing in Volkov and the wobblers work as before. Thank you
  3. Great. Let's hope then the next restart.
  4. Perfect, I would like to clarify so that you have more information. That in my case the problem occurs on all maps. Since restarting last week I have had zero bites on wobblers. It is as if there is no lure underwater, I am not talking about a slow bite rate, I am talking about zero bites If you wish we can follow the topic by private message so as not to overload the forum. And I can provide you with all the information from my tests. I have no problem
  5. I appreciate that you reopen the topic. I think I always treat him with respect, if not, I apologize. Regarding the information that has been given, I find nothing in reference to the topic that I raise. What would be the topic? I think if we talk patiently we can understand what is happening. For me and for other players
  6. I have been using this setup for 5 days after restarting and the fish do not bite. Do you see any difference that makes the fish not bite? Never
  7. First of all I apologize for creating the topic here. I can't create it any other way. I have created a similar topic and they have answered that it is not a bug. So at least I think so for help or suggestions. After restart I trolled 5 days RL Fish don't bite my wobblers. (Never). I've had zero bites In Volkov, Kuory, Sura. The same thing happens on all maps I tried anyway. Fluoro.Nylon.Steel And all the wobblers I have and the fish never bite. I did a test with two other players. Fishing together on the same map and spots. With the same setups. They were bitten on wobblers and me was not Fish just bite spoons for me I don't know what else to try. Could someone give me some advice. I never had this problem before restart Thank you very much already
  8. Another one-hour trolling session in Volkov and zero bits on wobblers. Obviously this is a bug. Can someone comment something?
  9. After restart I trolled 3 hours RealLife in volkov. Zero bites in wobblers. (ZERO !!!!!) Just a few bites with spoons. Is it a bug? Something like this never happened to me
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