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  1. When this occurs, my rods are fully set on the ground. I am not striking too quickly. The fish simply gets away on it's own strike.
  2. This issue I am describing comes in the form of typical bites that would set the hook on bottom fishing but instead are missed for an unknown reason. What makes this even more frustrating is the fact that bigger fish seem to cause this more by bending the rod over even quicker. As soon as the rod is bent over almost fully the line will simply go slack and drop in the water. When beloribitsa whitefish fishing, I have even has line be taken and the fish still get away. Also, the "Fish got away" message never appears in chat when this happens. I assume these false bites are caused by the large delay of high ping by being a member of the US region. If any work could be looked into to at least lessen this occurrence I would greatly appreciate it as I have lost many trophy fish to this unavoidable event. In the past, this has been a much rarer occurrence for me than it is now. (Additionally I have a high speed ethernet connection so this is not caused by my internet)
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