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  1. Amber Lake 64-94 Coodinates 35 meter clip bait and setup posted in screen shots. StevesLures in game name
  2. 1. Is the current competition start time suitable for you? 21:00 CET/15:00 EST- Yes, this time is perfect for me! 2. Would you be happy with the weekend competition being on Saturday instead of Sunday? I would prefer sunday as it is now due to other family things going on. 3. What maps/fish would you like to fish in the future? Pike/Pumpkinseed/Catfish/Sterlet/Chinese sleeper/Rudd/Taran 4. Would you like to see more low level maps? I think its a fairly good rotation right now. I feel like a majority of the players are level 20+ anyway. But would not mind seeing some OB, Mossy, Winding etc. 5. Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes? White with black
  3. woohoo hopefully I can make more then 1 comp this time around lol
  4. i would guess any rig on spinning/casting. just cant use bottom or float correct?
  5. kelly i cant find frogs since the mosquito revamp, where did you catch it?
  6. Does it have to be regular or can it be eastern siberian or artic as well?
  7. close but not quite close enough! nice find. my best so far is 1kg
  8. Well done gasha! Where at if you dont mind me asking?
  9. Yeah. like i said, I have sat at donets and tuba for 2 days IRL and have caught 1 and it was 300g at donets lol
  10. Not quite big enough gotta be 2.2 or bigger nice fish tho. my best so far 300g
  11. So, redrockpanda has a twitch chat game for catching fish. I got this just now: RedRockPanda pysteve has a Caspian Kutum pulled ashore! It weighs 3.47 Kg! How cute! Therefore there is 69 Points! Does this count? HAHAHA. jokes.
  12. ok thanks didnt wanna waste my time if it was a 1 day only lol
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