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  1. Gropiz


    The easiest way to make life easier for the anglers would either be: 1. When making lure you don't add the hook to the lure making process. 2. After making the lure add the discard box just like you have for GB, discarding would however let the user keep the hook. Number 2 would ofc be the easiest way to fix this.
  2. Gropiz


    When leveling groundbait you discord ALOOOOOOOOOOOOT. It is also really easy, when the gb is finished game asks you if you want to discard it. When leveling luremaking you discard ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. But now game thinks its a great idea to make things go slow, u need to go to lures right click, click on discard, and click ok. And that is the fast way. If you want to keep the hook you first need to click on the lure and remove the hook, mouse mouse til upper left corner and go back, then move mouse to lure, right click, move mouse down, click discord, move mouse again, click ok. PLS devs, make some changes here. And while you make these great changes I got a great tip for you. When you make stuff in the game you press the "go-button" wait a couple of secs and then press ok again without moving the mouse. So creating goes fast and you can keep the mouse at same spot, this is not the case when discarding stuff, would be lovely if you also made a change there.
  3. Since update today, all my tea (200+), 90% of my booze and all eatable stuff is gone. Image 1 shows what I can choose from when pressing "T". I have also looked through every single item i got on me, the missing stuff can't be found. //Gropis
  4. 1. On alot of maps coffe and tea is sold out, so u cant make it. 2. It takes alooooot of time and clicking to make every tea and coffe + it is really super boring, just to click, click click and click.... 3. Yes u can buy food, but i am talking about mainly hot food that u normally make your self that increases energy, food and warmth at the same time.
  5. It is hella boring makeing tea and coffee. It is hella boring fishing for specific species to make dishes. For a higher cost (than making it your self) I suggest that u add to the game that cafes that sell thermos with tea or coffe + sell dishes. With kind regards Gropis
  6. If u try lots of different locations on 1 waterbody it would be nice to look back at exactly where u cought your fishes that you hold in the keepnet. My suggestion is to add that info for only the keepnet.
  7. The clip goes away when you change your hook.
  8. Gropiz

    Time zones

    We got a suggestion that will benefit the players that are interested in 1 type of fishing. Add time zones, the water bodies in western Russia have in real life another time zone that the water bodies in eastern Russia. Add this to the game and let the players continue with their type of fishing no matter what time it is. With kind regards Styret and Gropis
  9. In terms of getting nice fishes, is there a difference between haveing 100 and 110% in bottom fishing? Question 2 Haveing 100% bottom and a rod that gives +2 to a skill, is that rod better than a rod that gives 10% to bottom if u already have 100% in bottom?
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