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    Time zones

    We got a suggestion that will benefit the players that are interested in 1 type of fishing. Add time zones, the water bodies in western Russia have in real life another time zone that the water bodies in eastern Russia. Add this to the game and let the players continue with their type of fishing no matter what time it is. With kind regards Styret and Gropis
  2. In terms of getting nice fishes, is there a difference between haveing 100 and 110% in bottom fishing? Question 2 Haveing 100% bottom and a rod that gives +2 to a skill, is that rod better than a rod that gives 10% to bottom if u already have 100% in bottom?
  3. This problem isn't only happening by the rocks at the lake.
  4. I guess u already know this but if u put down a rod on a big rock/boulder on Tunga it gets teleported away.
  5. When makeing a dry mix. Does it matter what size the bait has? I mean it all going to be "powder" ?
  6. I bought wacky gear for 15k, the day after they nerfed it...
  7. The new update states that wacky has been nerfed while trolling. Does this mean Wacky in rod holders while drifting is nerfed?
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