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  1. I did that and now it's downloading 9.08 GB. It said before the download was only 25 MB, just would not initiate the downloading of the update. I granted admin rights and deleted the launcher config. Ain't that a little steep for a small update. Edit: Just realized that I only needed to grant admin rights and not delete the config. Is it Down Loading the entire game again?
  2. Hello. Sorry to be a pain, but it is not downloading for some reason. It stays at o% so I exit out. Any suggestions are welcome. Cheers
  3. Thanks very much kmartw0w. I didn't know if I was fishing outside the tournament and my catches not being counted. That's epic man. These tournaments are the best thing since sliced bread. Good luck out there.
  4. Hello Sir. How do I know if I'm active in the competition. It states in-game that I am not part of any competition. Do I just fish and grab screen shots of my catches? Cheers
  5. Just one other thing, the International Competition this weekend. Can I enter without being experienced enough to go to Old Burg. I mean, the criteria says you have to catch each fish at each location. 3 at Mosquito, 3 at Winding and 3 at Burg. I was wondering if my catches at Mosquito and Winding will be enough to compete. I'm only a level 8. Hope this is clear enough. Even if I cannot compete for a medal I might just enter for the experience. Cheers Sir.
  6. Hello Elwoodiath2 I'm able to login and play now. Thanks for the swift response me old son.
  7. Hello. Sorry to be a pain in the back side, but my game gets stuck just after it starts loading my profile...and I wait ages and nothing happens. Cheers
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