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  1. After the first match of Season 3, here are the current standings: Well done everyone, it was a close fought affair with 87 competitors taking part. Sharpen your hooks for Sunday 14th when we go to Winding Rivulet with your host Zbiffer. https://twitch.tv/zbiffer See you there!
  2. I cannot screen shot but I find I have to type things twice in the in game chat. Typing and sending does not work sometimes. Also, broken hooks, some fish got away and catches are not showing. Regards
  3. Team name: Blue Tag Part-Timers Captain: SaltyTTV Members: Zbiffer Bogeyman72 ToneDeath
  4. Here are the standings after competition no. 3.
  5. Guys thanks for the feedback, we want this to be the league that the players deserve.
  6. until
    BlueTag Fishing League - Season 1 - December RF4 Anglers! We are excited to announce the start of a new monthly league created by the Streamer Community and sponsored by the amazing people at Russian Fishing 4. Format: The first season will be comprised of 8 in-game competitions running throughout the month of December; the top 10 players in each competition will receive points and your best 5 placements will count towards your final score. The competitions will be running for 2 hours each. Both Steam and Standalone accounts will be eligible for prizes. Prizes: 1st place: Beluga Tagara 10000 Reel 2nd place: Kingfisher Sage 13-3.50 Rod 3rd place: Trident Pillar 2 TPC-R-HS Low-Profile Baitcasting Reel Second and third place prizes will be downgraded if the average turnout per competition is less than 50 players. First place prize will remain a Tagara 10000 regardless of turnout. Scoring: You will be awarded 10 points for placing 1st in a competition, 9 points for placing 2nd, 8 points for 3rd place, all the way down to 10th place which will be awarded 1 point. All players will be awarded 1 point for participation, provided they have caught at least one of the specified fish up to a total of 4 participation points over the course of the month. Wild Card: Catching a Blue Tag (Super Trophy) fish of the specified species awards 1 extra point (for each Blue Tag). At the end of the month your best 5 placements will count towards your final score. You must be in the stream at the end of the competition in order to be awarded points for placing in the top 10. The hosting streamer will do a roll call. Competitions: Wednesday 12/02 - Volkhov - Max weight of 1 fish : Atlantic Salmon. Hosted by SaltyMcSaltee. Saturday 12/05 - Amber Lake - Max weight of 3 fish : Common Carp/Mirror Carp/Common Barbel. Hosted by KiltedJock. Sunday 12/06 - Severski Donets - Max weight of 3 fish : Pontic Shad/Sichel/Pumpkinseed Sunfish. Hosted by djpoonie. Saturday 12/12 - Tunguska - Max weight of 1 fish : Sharp-Snouted Lenok. Hosted by Zbiffer. Sunday 12/13 - Ladoga - Max weight of 1 fish : Char. Hosted by djpoonie. Saturday 12/19 - Akhtuba- Max weight of 1 fish : Buffalo. Hosted by KiltedJock. Sunday 12/20 - Bear Lake - Max weight of 1 fish : Grass Carp. Hosted by Zbiffer. Saturday 12/26 - Sura - Max weight of 1 fish : Volga Zander. Hosted by SaltyMcSaltee. All competitions will be starting at 20:30 CET - 14:30 EST and will have a duration of 2 hours. The stream will be online at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition. We look forward to seeing you on the bank! Streamer Links: djpoonie - www.twitch.tv/djpoonie KiltedJock - www.twitch.tv/KiltedJock SaltyMcSaltee - www.twitch.tv/SaltyMcSaltee Zbiffer - www.twitch.tv/Zbiffer
  7. Team Name: Team Blue Tag Team Captain: SaltyTTV Team Members: Banditz Uprise Bxnni Deadhedge
  8. Team Name: Blue Tag 1 Team Captain: SaltyTTV Team Members: Clockwisefisher Zbiffer Deadhedge KiltedJock
  9. Team Name: Team Blue Tag Team Captain: SaltyTTV Team Members: Clockwise DeadHedge Dan Winter Maestroox.TV
  10. Team Name: Blue Tag Team Captain: SaltyTTV Team Members: Teolan snoozybug2403 Dhall1 HEKQ8
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