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  1. Gabrijel, Previous task stage 2, to catch a fish on regular worm at least 3 kg I caught it in combination "worm" and "insect", you can look at my profile. So ,on my opinion there is no logic if I done it on stage 3 with Mayfly and Red worm. Happy Fishing my friend.
  2. The task <catch a fish weighing at least 3kg using an insect and bolognese rod> doesn't count fish catch. I used 100% bolognese rod. I caught few times it on Tunguska river.
  3. Hi there. It's shows just records. The same problem
  4. I understand clear what you are saying but for me it's very strange two month ago it's was fully packed regional chat but it's suddenly disappeared
  5. Hi there! I have looks like problem in chat window,regional chat shows me all the time '0' participant . However global chat is working like suppose to be. It's started may be two month ago. I have tried couple of time to switch to different channels and this problem is started. I didn't wright straight away because to make sure it's not correct.It's does not influence game process but in reality I need regional chat to communicate to other people. I would like someone from moderators have look at my account and fix this bug. Thanks.
  6. -Map: Seversky Donets River -Coordinates: 80:165 -Bait: Nature Mayfly -Ingame name: toronto maple leafs
  7. I have the same problem NO Results on page...
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