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  1. Thank you for the clarifications.
  2. Hello. I am close to unlocking PVA and I was curious if you can overfeed using PVA on every cast. I have checked all the groundbaits guides out there. I couldn't find any specific information regarding this question. Thank you.
  3. First off, great work on Yama River species textures and models! I am a carp enthusiast like many others. It would be a really incredible addition to the game if there was a possibilty to add the same feature for carp species. As you all know, every carp is different. I believe it would be amazing to have random textures for carps of all species like we have now for Coho, Chum, Chinook and so on. By no means, I am not specifically reffering about the colors. Thank you. Keep up with the graphics improvement! I really enjoy the graphics so far.
  4. This is the element which I am reffering to.
  5. No, I mean the wrap material that the guides are supposed to be fitted on the rod's blank are clipping with the rod. You can see that where I have highlighted. You can see the effect is worse towards the handle of the rod. Hopefully, I explained it better this time.
  6. Hello, I have noticed a bug on a rod I bought, the Syberia Model One S98H Spinning Rod. The last 4 guidance rings (the bigger ones) are bugged and glitching in and out of the blank. See pictures attached. Could you please look into this? I like the way the rod looks but the glitching is a bit of a turn off, hopefully this doesn't affect the rod performance. I am using the steam client version. CPU Ryzen 5 1600 RAM 16GB 3000MHz GPU GTX 1660 Super OS Windows 10 x64 bit Thank you.
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