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  1. Sry to bump such an old post but my best fix is i made a custom resolution where i could set the refresh rate to 100 and it works great with v sync now. So im playing at 1440p with 100 refresh rate smooth as silk but if i change it to 120 or higher [ monitor native 165 ] its not syncing.
  2. People woth this problem should post there Pc specs and do you have an HDR monitor?
  3. Hello im trying to get switched to standalone i put in for it friday and got the email to what to do in game and done it really would like to get it done for some of these comps just wardering if there a better time to rquest it maybe it not done during the weekends? thx
  4. Chipmunk 30 wears way to fast fish size 0-1.5 kg does 0.3 % wear on the bait only gets higher as fish size increases 1 hr of fishing with it got 18% wear with no fish over kg note i wasnt fishing tung so it wasnt pike or taimen> Dont think a 124 silver bait should wear this fast not sure if this a bug or design. if it working as intended think price need to reflect on how fast it wears out.
  5. Maybe getting the setting you want and save it then go into game files find the config file and check it to read only
  6. @Elwoodiath2 Could you explain to me what the bottom right number on the finder is i know the top left is depth is the bottom number water temp?
  7. Hello im on steam and getting lag and D/C i was wandering what ports rf 4 uses so i can set them up in my router to see if it helps thx
  8. how do i do diagnostic on steam version to get the info as the poster?
  9. Great idea would like to see this added
  10. Map looks amazing the water is best looking in game and seeing schools of fish swimming around is really awesome
  11. Myself havent had prem for 6 months there is really no reason for me at lvl 40 but if prem was changed to 75% more exp and 25% more silver for selling fish this would change my mind. Think people would buy prem alot more if it was broken down like this.
  12. Same problem here driving me nuts its like v sync doesnt work at all tried all above no work around yet im gonna try some other stuff see if i can find a fix
  13. even faster way change your display resolution to 60 hz and enable v sync in game
  14. i got mine rather quick i would say around 6 1/2s IRL. How i fished was catch 5 fish on 1 bait then switch to another did this with worm, bloodworms and maggots and this was with one tele
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