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  1. Team: Winners Captain: Manujitsu Member 1: Alex.5 Member 2: sergiumov
  2. Map: The Amber lake Coordinates: 169:83 Bait: Halibut pellets 14 + tuna pellets14 I.G.N: Manujitsu
  3. Map: Lower Thunguska River Coordinates: 146:50 Bait: Nature mayfly larva + Nature redworm I.G.N: Manujitsu
  4. Map: The Amber Lake Coordinates: 124:66 Bait: Juicy Mulberry 15 pop-up+Mulberry purple I.G.N: Manujitsu
  5. Map: Ladoga Exact coordinates: 89:28 (Grid I8) Bait: Maggot 4-003 I.G.N: Manujitsu
  6. Map: Akhtuba river Coordinates: 126:133 (Grid G4) Bait: Freshwather krill - Sakmon 20 I.G.N: Manujitsu
  7. Map: Akhtuba River Spot: 84:108 Bait: Mole Cricket I.G.N: Manujitsu
  8. Map: Lower Tunguska River Grid square: F7 Bait: Balsa Minnow 75F-006 I.G.N: Manujitsu
  9. I fight like 5 min until i realised it,s bug :))) There was no fish, no hanging. I press R to see its no fish
  10. Kuori Grid:G6 Hunter 2-008 Manujitsu
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