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  1. so no luck with this. i guess i'm screwed
  2. Already did. Now support has sent me also an answer: Hello, We do not support the graphics adapter your machine uses. We have recently upgraded the engine and lower-end cards do not work well with this upgrade. The only support we can offer is for you to reduce your graphics settings and turn off advanced features and you may be able to get the game to run. However, we cannot offer any more support than that. Thank you, --- RF4GAME Administrator So I'm reinstalling the have and doing this update so I hope to god it will work :). Best Regards, XXXDAREXXX
  3. Hi, Russian Fishing , First, off all let me tell you I love the game and I can't wait for you to add new features. I have invested a lot off real money in time-wise I have around 50 real hours . I was playing normally yesterday and since today I have a technical issue with the inventory. So I load the game and everything is ok. I can walk, throw lures, baits, etc. My only problem is when I click on items in inventory. I can look at them but not press them in any way since it results in a crash. *PrintScreens* 1 Profile and version *Printscreen of the problem* unity problem.png I hope you can help me with his problem. Best Regards, Darko
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