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  1. Hi Everyone, I have notice through the thousands of hours fishing on the water bodies, there are the "Absolute Records" & "Global/Regions" all species weekly. Can it be possible to put a separate water body weekly under the absolute? So only the fish species considered for that map? Who catches what on which x5 row? Certainly the sizes do matter. I noticed in the different fishing categories when there isn't a specie caught highlighted with black bar. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it appears that in all the different maps the same specie of fish bite on different various lures/baits/etc. Am I clear in understanding that there is a silver reward only for 1st place in Global Records? There is no reward in 1st place Regional Records? If it is possible to put weekly map info, maybe a little 50 silver reward to the 1st position fish catchers of the waterbody? I look forward to all your replies
  2. Thanks Guys, I really appreciate the feedback Now for some really creative theory crafting fishing
  3. I really like drifting/trolling, as it is quite a nice method of fishing. Volkov/Tunguska drift/troll quite well with the current direction flow of the river. I really like these 2 rivers. Though may be a subtle bug, I would like to point out that drifting on Sura/Donets does not flow with the current. no matter where I place or start the boat from, the result always the same. The drift time doesn't get really going straight. Here are a couple of examples. The boat will immediately either go left or right or vice versa. I also like fishing in the west side of the map Sura (2m section) boat goes diagonally sharp and heads towards the banks. Though many times the boat turns itself around as well, but its trajectory will always go directly to shoreline. As well I tried to drift southwest corner through 4,5 hole but will drift Northwest instead and head towards the channel. Which is against the current and goes directly to shores. Anywhere on Donets is the same. Trolling has the same effect as well, the boat will immediately either go left or right or vice versa with or against the current. This diagonal effect is the same on Akhtuba as well but not so abrupt and width of the river I'm sure helps. I really hope & wish there is a cure for this!
  4. I need eggs as well. I've never seen that happen before. How does the farmer run out? Some player is grinding a skill and power leveling? Doing a meta grind? Oh wait, did some disgruntled fisherman knock off his hens? Or there's a chicken "Grinch" out there that stuffed his big red bag full? I think this is "Abusive" as it takes away from us and undermines others! Maybe there should a daily or weekly limit. I think these bulk items should have and buy/inventory limit/cap we can carry. (250 eggs) (500 potatoes) per week as example. Hey, How about putting in a timer in the inventory, so the player has to wait to resupply until timer 00:00 (or pay by GOLD) There are many other products I cannot buy for weeks or months due to no stock, certainly frustration sets it when items are not yet replaced. As I'm waiting to buy something. Farms are designed to produce products...ran out eggs...really unbelievable?
  5. Steam is working for me, login at 11:20am Moscow time. Prior to this couldn't either!! Anyways good to go fellow fishermen
  6. Update: I finally got the last bag needed during my 2nd hour streaming the event is completed for me. Boy, did I miss the live bait boat fishing...the chronicles continue...
  7. Hey Guys, I'm really sorry that I'm writing again for the third time, but when will this "Gift Bag Event" end. (Steam Account). I buy the monthly subscription every month. I have OCD/poor eyesight/half deaf. And I have a real need to complete this event! This is starting to affect me now, I really don't want to be looking at a float much longer. Below are three pics (proof) Why is it taking so long for me to catch this last bag? Please, not my luck cannot be in the toilet this long. The last two weeks I played 124 hours (real time logged). What improved after the 29th? Half of this time I streamed daily for 9 days...No Bag? So 1 hour = 1 day, I figure that I should be catching "Easter Eggs" by now. On that note, if by chance that you do make the event "Fishing For Easter Eggs" prizes ) (rabbit shaped spoons or plastic/rubber lures) etc. I would like to see a "Zoned Off" area with Buoy Ring/Boarder & fish inside of it and be fun doing it. (maximun 2-3 hours(2-3 in game days) & may apply this to next years Xmas celebration?. Lets say to catch the 2021 "Golden Egg" to put on a shelf in our house (possibly above the couch on the wall). Now I fished on my "Stand Alone Account" and got all 15 bags (not premium ones) less than 2 hours, = 2 days (Now, that felt like an event) opening my presents. I'm not sure that I'll go for the last two bags though, quite turned off! As for today, before I wrote this, 3 more hours were invested this morning trying yet still. After this "Post" unfortunately I cannot stop myself & go back to trying to catch that last bag! I want to change my stream theme today to Kuori/Volkov/Sura or something! Please resolve this, I think I really have eared it! Your Avid RF4 Supporter! (6 months = 2,317.2 recorded hours played so far)...
  8. I think there is a problem with the catching the "Xmas Bag" rate. 23-25th I received 12 of them. Fishing for many hours(didn't keep track). (patched)26-28th I caught 5 "kettlebells and 1 bag. (approx 1000 fish caught). Again fishing for many hours offline/streaming. Still have 3 left to catch. (patched) 29th. I fished yesterday for about 11 hours. Total fish caught = 300. 4 logins(includes crash)/3 game glitches/1 game crash. I fished 1 hour with 4 meter tele-stick=16 fish/1 hour with 6 meter tele-stick=14 fish. Many minutes I sat watching, no bites at all. Sorry but quite bored after that. 1 hour with 2 tele-sticks=32 fish. 3 hours yielded=62-300=238. For 8 hours fishing with 3 tele-sticks 238=average 30 fish per hour.(3 Trophy Sleepers) "NOT A SINGLE BAG OR KETTLEBELL CAUGHT". Yes I felt the miss rate more often (like doubled) and fish were getting off hook as pulling them in. My gear set up And of course I was given a fish the hit my weakest rod and broke it instantly (pic below) that was beloved Kama "Frog Rod". Now being 1hr=1day, seem like I'm fishing for bags in February. Something is seriously wrong here and certainly think that my luck cannot really be that bad, of course I'm a little upset, no denying that, for all those whom I spoke with have completed this event on 1 or both accounts. I thought I was going to have a good time with this event(what a struggle to get food/drink/bait) thanks for the drum though I am going to try again shortly and hope to catch a least something today...reloading profile again.(Steam Acct)
  9. May I ask, what is the minimum Tele-stick weight required to play the event? I have only 2 Starling Sticks 6.1kg & 6kg line. So far, 3 times I drag slowly some heavy object or (catfish?) to the dock, I cannot lift or pull out it out of the water nor see it neither after 20-30 min, line breaks. 3 hooks gone already. It seems to be not enough. What is the recommended weight & test we should be using? (trying to help new players) or new float fishermen. Also, I caught 150 fish( very many misses too) and not one bag.(is my rgn really that bad?) nearly 4 hours. For the season of giving...
  10. Thanks Cap! I appreciate your prompt reply As I understand, I can look at species that are 10kg + are namable? And only a namable Blue tag will show up in Lake Inhabitant? So on Mosquito for example Pike is possible? I saw many times a Cafe order ask for 12 - 20kg'er. Which did surprise me
  11. I quite often check out the noted "Blue Tags" on the water body list and noticed only a few have published records, most are empty! I've seen many fishermen catch Blue Tag Crucian/Gibel from Mosquito for example, but there is no record showing. I hope that my few related questions can be answered here. Is it because fish is not released/sold? Are there truly Blue Tag Fish For All Species in All Water Bodies? Does the Cottage Pond have Blue Tags There? Can all Blue Tags be named? I could not find any posts on this topic and I would like some clarity as to my expectations and personal achievements! P.S great job on the new mosquito update!! This is my first Xmas here & hope to enjoy many more!! Thank Guys!!
  12. Hey Guys, It Seems My Hooks Are So Sharp That I Catch Water Molecules...LOL! Posted Two Screenshots With Compass And View! Sarcastic Question! Does This Dull My Hook Sharpness??
  13. My Spinners/Spoons/Wobblers are catching the bottom very hard on the "jig step" & "Twitching" & "touching bottom" bending rod (jerking rod tip hard" & the meter reads up to 1-1.5cm after each rotation. Feels like the ghost bites constantly (so far all around the lake). Wacky worm is doing great, "touching bottom" works awesome, just the artificial lures hang up (sometimes jerking rod tip a few times without "touch bottom" notice) Wobblers only 50cm depth that I'm using & UL Lures. I hope my description helps!! btw...love the new map
  14. I really like this idea too! I spend much time writing down some pending orders to keep track, on some maps the travel is too long and time is wasted to check out orders. Maybe a input/assign a "Hotkey" for the "Cafe" so when we're on the map, order appears like it does for our inventory and such
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