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  1. Season 4 is over. On behalf of the Bluetag community we would like to thank all who competed. Once more it was a season with several people leading over the season, and ended with just 1 points difference between number 1 and 2 I HeaR ShadowS wins season 4.Congrats to him on a strong showing all season
  2. Standings after comp 7. Mantap takes the lead, botzy and I HeaR ShadowS right behind, Finals league match will decide the winner of the season
  3. Standings after comp 6. botzy, Mantap and I HeaR ShadowS duking it out in top.
  4. Dont forget next comp. Might be the hardest one to win all season Saturday 10.04 - Seversky Donets - Max Number of Species. Hosted by Bandits55
  5. botzy takes the lead,closely followed by Mantap and I HeaR Shadows, after comp 5
  6. Standings after comp 4. I Hear Shadows holds on to the lead closely followed by botzy and deadhedge
  7. Saturday's Char comp has been rescheduled for Friday April 2nd. Same time, 21:00 CET. Hosted by Whisky_Ace
  8. Season 4, standings after comp 2
  9. Top 40 after 7 comps. Season 3 comp 7
  10. 1. Is the current competition start time suitable for you? 21:00 CET/15:00 EST. Would be better 1 hour earlier 2. Would you be happy with the weekend competition being on Saturday instead of Sunday? i dont care 3. What maps/fish would you like to fish in the future? anything where it isnt too specific. Like catfishing, matchrods etc 4. Would you like to see more low level maps? not important 5. Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?white stripes rules
  11. Once more a fantastic league. Well run by good people. Would suggest moving it to an hour earlier, too many people leave early cause they have to go to bed.
  12. Its been a blast doing this league. Even better watching how much of the community joined in and supported it, simply amazing. As for the streamers running it, they have all done really well and had a huge part in the success. Suggestion for next time,fish for more fish you dont catch on purpose normally. Like roach, perch or crucians.
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