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  1. Hi all, Finally I caught this fish 83:145 clip 35 amber lake
  2. Akhtuba 98:84 clip 21 Good luck
  3. Bear Lake 55:63 Clip 22 Cast directly north. Hinged-stiff rig for both trophies. Throwing Honey Pear 20 boilie once a day. For the other Black Carp trophy I was doing the same but with 16mm instead
  4. Tunguska 45:126 clip 52. 1 hour 5 mins to die, 10 mins to bring to shore. What a fun fight this thing was.
  5. Hello all, Amber Lake 65:113 clip 35 (D6 sector) Putting the bait slingshot to use, definitely improves fishing!! Doing 1 throw of Tuna Pellets size 14mm every 1 hour IRL time directly over where i'm casting the rods.
  6. Hello, sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything on it. When you throw out boilies or pellets using catapults/cobras, is there an actual official duration (just like GB/PVA) that they last in the water before the effect wears off? Thanks
  7. Thanks a lot. Been leveling it a little bit every now and then over the last few months or so, but these past 2 days decided to grind for 100%. 89.4%-100% in 2 happy hours! 1340 zander spoons made in total
  8. Ahktuba 122:27 clip 19 G9 grid, dream finally come true, ty rf4
  9. Ladoga Lake 69:62 clip 8 cast towards lighthouse. Throwing out the groundbait with hand. 2 blue tag roach in 17 minutes GL to all!
  10. Hi all, As some of you might know after seeing my previous posts, I tend to spend a 'little' too much time experimenting with boilies and pellets in hopes of finding that next working combo. This is why. After that blue common I was sure lightning wouldn't strike twice but at this completely random spot and of course bait combo, the first fish I catch is the one I've hunted for over a year (Trust me, I've tried ) No pva and no dip. Amber Lake 132:147 H4 clip 40 cast just left of the island (I don't know if this spot is actually consistently producing, this was the first fish.)
  11. Decided to come to Sura to try and see if I could find where the Carp were biting and caught this beauty on a completely random bait/pva combo I put together alongside a trophy bighead!! Absolutely over the moon with this common, over a year of trying elsewhere! Sura 28:76 Clip 25 Casting SE. Good Luck and Tight Lines to all!
  12. A little surprise I caught while going after Beloribitsa Ahktuba River 84:108 casting to the fallen tree opposite clip 21
  13. Tunguska Trolling. Hit at the top of the 11m hole. GL
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