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  1. Ladoga Lake 69:62 clip 8 cast towards lighthouse. Throwing out the groundbait with hand. 2 blue tag roach in 17 minutes GL to all!
  2. Hi all, As some of you might know after seeing my previous posts, I tend to spend a 'little' too much time experimenting with boilies and pellets in hopes of finding that next working combo. This is why. After that blue common I was sure lightning wouldn't strike twice but at this completely random spot and of course bait combo, the first fish I catch is the one I've hunted for over a year (Trust me, I've tried ) No pva and no dip. Amber Lake 132:147 H4 clip 40 cast just left of the island (I don't know if this spot is actually consistently producing, this was the first fish.)
  3. Decided to come to Sura to try and see if I could find where the Carp were biting and caught this beauty on a completely random bait/pva combo I put together alongside a trophy bighead!! Absolutely over the moon with this common, over a year of trying elsewhere! Sura 28:76 Clip 25 Casting SE. Good Luck and Tight Lines to all!
  4. A little surprise I caught while going after Beloribitsa Ahktuba River 84:108 casting to the fallen tree opposite clip 21
  5. Tunguska Trolling. Hit at the top of the 11m hole. GL
  6. Ahktuba River, Jigstep 44 speed 2 rotations. Around 1 hour 10 mins fight time. Coords 36:104, B5 Square. Good luck.
  7. Hi, My personal best Frame-sided Carp at Amber Lake. Spot: 124:66 clip 35. Trying to find the Leather Carp but found this instead. Slow bite rate but quite a few nice size fish coming out (Mainly Mirror Carp) GL
  8. Hi All! Found a somewhat active Grass Carp spot at Old Burg. Potato seems to be the only bait working though. I tried algae, cabbage, cocos and cream, raspberry and strawberry etc without even a single bite. Thought I'd share this spot due to the fact that maybe there is an unknown boilie combo that's working well here that you could find, alongside the working Diced Potatoes of course. 61:14 clip 10, H9 Square. Throwing regular 'Black/grass carp mix' out with hand. Good Luck!
  9. Has anyone managed to find the Leather Carp at Bear lately? I see on the weekly records they are coming out on Caviar pop-up/corn at 55:63 but it seems like they are just a random catch and not a consistent rate of them. I've tried multiple baits but can't seem to find the Leathers at all. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hello all! This one took a long time but finally I got it. Common Roach at Sura. 60:44 Clip 10 casting towards the lilies
  11. Hi, Just a quick question. Does the descriptions of the hooks actually reflect their performance in-game? I know the star rating makes a noticeable difference, but for example, lets say a hook says something in the description along the lines of 'Minimizes the chance of the fish breaking off' Does this actually reduce Fish Got Away when using that hook? (Let's say all the hooks we are talking about are of the same rating). Thanks
  12. Hi all! Dolly Varden Trout Yama River 170:210 Speed 31 1 rotation jigstep Casting north direction GL!
  13. Sura River 97:38 Clip 36 very good spot for farming Wild Carp.
  14. Amber Lake MONSTER 83:145 Clip 35
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