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  1. i have heard of a few cases where people fishing UL at Yama (lighter leader) have got rig cut off by chinook salmon
  2. Amber Lake 120:155 Clip 25
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if adding hookbaits to dry mix has the same effect as adding an actual feed pellet. Example: (Lets pretend in this instance that Vanilla Feed Pellets 3 is the same size as the hookbait pellet (8mm) Thanks
  4. Hi, Might seem like a super obvious question, but let's say for example I was doing some Carp fishing and had a 20mm boilie on the hook. If I was to throw out 15mm of the same boilie with cobra/catapult, would this pretty much 'override' the fact I have 20mm out and only attract fish that would bite just like If I had 15mm on the hook instead? Thanks
  5. Amber 83:145 clip 35 This one evaded me for the longest time
  6. Hi all, Finally I caught this fish 83:145 clip 35 amber lake
  7. Akhtuba 98:84 clip 21 Good luck
  8. Bear Lake 55:63 Clip 22 Cast directly north. Hinged-stiff rig for both trophies. Throwing Honey Pear 20 boilie once a day. For the other Black Carp trophy I was doing the same but with 16mm instead
  9. Tunguska 45:126 clip 52. 1 hour 5 mins to die, 10 mins to bring to shore. What a fun fight this thing was.
  10. Hello all, Amber Lake 65:113 clip 35 (D6 sector) Putting the bait slingshot to use, definitely improves fishing!! Doing 1 throw of Tuna Pellets size 14mm every 1 hour IRL time directly over where i'm casting the rods.
  11. Hello, sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find anything on it. When you throw out boilies or pellets using catapults/cobras, is there an actual official duration (just like GB/PVA) that they last in the water before the effect wears off? Thanks
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