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  1. -Are you happy with the competitions being on weekends? Would you be able to attend more of them if they took place during the week? Yea, although if they're Saturday and Sunday, it's a long time to wait until the next weekend. -Would you still be able to attend if the competitions started at 21:00 CET/15:00 EST (30 minutes later than the current start time)? Yes, no problem with either time. -Do you feel that the scoring system is fair? I guess so. This one is difficult because there is so much RNG involved in hooking that big fish. -What maps/fish species would you like to see in the future? I've enjoyed the variety to be honest, more than initially I thought I would do because I haven't fished for some of them before. Forces you to try different things though which is good. Choice of species has been excellent too, there are a few fish in the lakes and rivers that only bite at certain times, and they've not been targetted. -Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Egg. Two birds that weren't really chickens laid an egg, and the hatchling became what we see as a chicken today. I've really enjoyed taking part in the leagues, even though trying for 2 hours to hook that one fish can be frustrating, it's what happens in fishing. For what is essentially a solo player game, it wouldn't have lasted more than a couple of sessions for me without a community. I find myself really lucky to have found Blue Tag so early into my rf4 journey, and without the streamers organising competitions to join, I'd see no other reason to play it. There are the forum comps, but no real interaction with the competitors. As far as idea's for leagues going forward, I'd like to see some comps were total weight would be a factor, as opposed to one big fish, although to be fair to the format, I've enjoyed every comp. Hats off to the organisors. We've all seen the streamers, but there are alot more people involved in the background. Fair play to RF4 for gifting the prizes too, although it's the taking part that I've enjoyed the most. Long may it continue.
  2. Great tourny, thanks to all taking part.
  3. Team Name: Blue Tag Rejects Team Captain: Zorcovski Team Members: NoshiRS1 Bomar The Angry Fisherman Mageopolis
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