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  1. jimmy95

    Akhtuba River

  2. jimmy95


    Hello, where does this difference in price come from? pike of 7.773kg 78% 36.33 silver and pike of 8.641kg 90% 32.31 silver. On the same map (Ladoga) to the same fish seller.
  3. jimmy95

    Lures Q&A

    Hello, last month I crafted 40 lures = 680 silver I took 0.01 point of skill and today I have the premium I craft 10 lure and I take no skill deck. It's normal? please I am 86.6 at the skill of lure Google Translate
  4. jimmy95


  5. jimmy95


    Ta Discard, Disassemble et Pick up. Et j'ai cliqué sur pick up et depuis j'ai plus ma canne et le moulinet qui était dessus. Sur google traduction pick up sa veux dire ramassé, je comprend pas le délire.
  6. jimmy95


    Hi, instead of doing (disassemble), I did (pick up). Is there a solution for recovered? please. I have all lost rod and reel..
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