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  1. Map: Kuori Lake Coordinates: Trolling H7 Bait: Dodger Crank 10-SS007 In game name: Tiribombax
  2. I see, thanks for replying.
  3. Hello, I have a quick question about the last fotw, the one with the common carp. The rules stated that: "Goal is to catch the heaviest specimen of Common Carp wieghing 25.555 kg", and I saw a few very close to that weight and still the winner was the biggest. I'm not involved in the comp, just wondering how this works. Thank you.
  4. Seversky Donets - Taran Coords: 58:141, 1m depth Setup:
  5. Seversky Donets - Black Sea Shemaya Coords: 97:135, 1m depth Setup:
  6. Akhtuba - Buffalo Coords: 126:133 Clip: 21m Setup:
  7. Amber - Common Carp & Ide Carp coords: 83:145 Clip: 35m Ide coords (yesterday): 124:66 Clip: 35m
  8. Ladoga Archipelago - Zander Coords: B4 Setup & map:
  9. Ladoga Archipelago - Lake Trout Coords: B4 Setup & map:
  10. Yama - Chum Coords: 258:183 Speed: 50 + 2 turns jig step Setup:
  11. Amber - Linear Carp Coords: 83:145 Clip: 35m NW Setup:
  12. I was trolling with two other rods and casting this one in the front of the boat letting it sink and reeling it in.
  13. Ladoga Archipelago - Smelt Coords: F4 square
  14. Akhtuba - Rudd Coords: 71:130 Depth: 1m Clip: 50-60%
  15. Yama - Dolly Varden Trout Coords: 188:200 Speed: 50 - jig step Setup:
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