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  1. to start this challange... Ladoga Lake Coords: 91:58 Bait: nasty worm 2.5-003 ign: Tiribombax
  2. Old Burg - Crucian/Gibel Coords: 53:13 Clip: 8m Fish + Setup:
  3. Tunguska - Tugun Coords: 74:160 Clip: 50-60% Depth: 1m Setup:
  4. Ladoga - Pike Coords: 73:55 Speed: 30 Setup:
  5. Ladoga - Ludoga Whitefish Coords: 95:36 Speed: 30 Setup:
  6. I don't think it's something new. Maybe you didn't lose all the sinkers from the first box but some of the sinkers with the weight needed for that specific floats or wagglers you tried. Never happened to me but I've seen other players with this problem and I bought one extra box for backup.
  7. Sometimes you lose the sinker when you hook a fish that breaks your line, you can lose the hook the sinker and even the float on some occasions.
  8. You need to buy a box with sinkers from the tackle store.
  9. Akhtuba - Beloribitsa Whitefish (second day of hunting it) Coords: 63:133 Clip: 19m Setup:
  10. Bear Lake - Tench Coords: 44:50 Clip: 21m Setup:
  11. Maybe a fish, or more broke your line and you can lose your hook, sinkers and sometimes even the float. You use sinkers form the same box when fishing with the tele rod.
  12. You have to buy the sinkers from the tackle store, there's a round box.
  13. Ladoga - Perch Coords: 81:24 Speed 30, 1 full turn Setup:
  14. Ladoga - Char Coords: 80:24 cast SE Speed 30, 1 full turn Setup:
  15. Tunguska - 96:180; Soturi 22g-008 Challenge....
  16. Mosquito Lake - Frog Coords: 72:77 Depth: 18cm (right in the middle of the lilies) Setup:
  17. Lower Tunguska - Siberian Char Loach Coords: 114:116 Clip: 9m Setup:
  18. Ladoga Lake - Three-spined Stickleback + Common Minnow Coords: 22:53 Clip: 9m
  19. Ladoga Lake - Vendace Coords: 73:55 Speed: 25 with pause Setup:
  20. Caught another one after 10 minutes so it's a good spot for Vimba right now. Same setup/spot as above.
  21. Volkhov - Vimba Coords: 71:100 Clip: 25m Setup:
  22. There's no cafe at Bear Lake, only grocery store, fish market and adminstration.
  23. Old Burg - EEL Coords: 35:58 Clip: 8m Setup:
  24. Seversky Donets - Gudgeon Coords: 76:162 Clip: 8m Setup:
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