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  1. Old Burg - EEL Coords: 35:58 Clip: 8m Setup:
  2. Seversky Donets - Gudgeon Coords: 76:162 Clip: 8m Setup:
  3. The position settings for the new float widget doesn't save, at least for me. I have to change back this settings every time I start a new game.
  4. Seversky Donets - Volga Zander Coords: 33:134 Clip: 8m Setup:
  5. Yes, I was going to do that but they were talking about the new float ui anyway so I wanted to know if it's a general issue.
  6. I keep changing the widget position from the settings to bottom right but every time I start a new session it changes back to bottom center. Anyone else has this problem?
  7. Ladoga - Ludoga Whitefish Coords: 92:57 Speed: 30 Setup:
  8. Ladoga Lake - Smelt & Bleak Coords: 73:55 Smelt (retrieval speed 8 & 9) Bleak (depth 30cm)
  9. Bear Lake - Common Carp Coords: 55:63 Clip: 21m towards left 3.5m hole Setup:
  10. Amber Lake - Common Carp Coords: 83:145 Clip: 35m Setup:
  11. Volkhov River - Nase (but still no Blue Bream) Coords: 71:100 Clip: 25m GB: white bream mix Setup:
  12. Seversky Donets - 'fat' Rudd Coords: 99:133 Clip: ~75% Depth: 80cm Setup:
  13. Seversky Donets - random White Bream Coords: 34:143 Clip: 10m Setup:
  14. Hello, I've read the description of the titan tournaments here on the forum and I see that the other region (EN) is included but on the forum tournaments registration page this region is not mentioned. So, are this tournaments available to 'other region' also?
  15. Lower Tunguska River - Siberian Dace Fish: coords: 40:135 clip: 15m depth: 1.5m setup:
  16. Lower Tunguska River - Perch Fish: coords: 71:106 clip: 45m setup:
  17. It may be just you, I can see the screenshots.
  18. Finally got my Pumpkinseed Fish - Pumpkinseed Sunfish Coords - 72:160 Depth - 77cm Clip - ~75% Setup:
  19. This spot (70:50) was very active last night, for a short period...at least for me. Old Burg - Tench + Gibel Coords: 70:50 Clip: 7m GB: tench mix * thanks JaggedRiz for sharing this spot.
  20. Bear Lake - Common Carp Coords: 55:31 Clip: 17m Setup + bait below:
  21. I had some leftover tickets from the Lake Trout trophy hunt and I kept on trolling....it paid off! Fish - Kuori Char Coords: around F6-F7 - trolling Setup:
  22. Kuori - Lake Trout (finally) Coords: H6 trolling Setup:
  23. Akhtuba - Shemaya Coords: 59:134 Clip: ~35% power Depth: 99cm Bait: mayfly + bloodworm Setup:
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