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  1. Caught this ruffe, still trying to find the last bag...I will loose all my line from all the kettle bells I hooked with this ul rod (and only with this, like all the gift bags I caught, fishing with 3 rods)...I might give up Fish: Ruffe Mosquito Lake coords: 52:84 Depth: 1.01m Clip: 70% Setup:
  2. Yeah, sure For the perch and the first sleeper the depth was 1.13m, second sleeper was at 82cm. Casting distance was 50% - 75%
  3. I'm also trying to catch the last gift bag, been fishing for it for a long time... While trying to get it I caught some trophies, even the elusive perch Catches + setups are below, coords are known. Good luck!
  4. You can see the location when you look at your tickets section from the inventory.
  5. I could hear the snowman's music...when I was finally able to connect, three hours ago.
  6. Fish: Sichel (finally) Map: Akhtuba River Coords: 93:76 Clip: 15m Depth: 1.5m Setup:
  7. Fish: Kessler's Herring Map: Akhtuba River Coords: 71:130 Clip: 15m Depth: 1.5m Setup:
  8. Fish: Peled Map: Lower Tunguska River Coords: 38:142 Clip: 15m Depth: 1.5m Setup:
  9. Fish: Eastern Bream Map: Lower Tunguska River Coords: 96:180 Clip: full cast - W GB: bream mix Setup:
  10. Fish: Burbot Map: Lower Tunguska River Coords: 39:139 Clip: 45m Setup:
  11. Fish: Eastern Bream Map: Lower Tunguska River Coords: 77:103 Clip: 20m GB: bream mix Setup:
  12. Ok, I see. I wasn't expecting the fish back, it just seemed like a very annoying bug (at least for me in that moment ) and I had to report it. Thanks for answering.
  13. Hello, So today I bought my first match rod and I went fishing to try it out. After a few small catches I hooked into something bigger, pretty sure it was a trophy, it took some time to bring it in, it almost spooled me. Finally when it was close enough I took it out with the net but right at that moment when I should have seen what fish it was it kept saying "please wait" and it took little over 1 min and after that the game just disconnected me with "no connection with the game server" message. I reconnected right away, so I don't think it was a connection problem, but the fish was not in the keepnet. I wasn't prepared for screen recording so I took out my phone...sorry about the video quality, the image was blurred out and the phone couldn't really focus.
  14. Fish: Smelt x2 Bait: nasty worm 2.5-001 & 007 Coords: 85:21 & 81:23 Setup:
  15. Fish: Perch Bait: heaven creek provoker 4-001 Coords: 73:25 Setup:
  16. Fish: Smelt Bait: nasty worm 2.5-004 Coords: 95:28 Setup:
  17. Can you post the setup? Thanks!
  18. Fish: Common Roach (consecutive catch) Map: Volkhov River Coords: 164:109 (clip23-W) GB: white bream mix Setup:
  19. Map: Old Burg Coordinates: 42:32 Bait: Bloodworm Ingame name: Tiribombax
  20. Fish: Gudgeon Map: Winding Rivulet Coords: 90:104 Clip: 14m - N Setup: same as above
  21. Fish: Gudgeon Map: Winding Rivulet Coords: 93:105 Clip: 14m Setup:
  22. Fish: Ruffe Map: Winding Rivulet Coords: 91:104 Clip: 14m Setup:
  23. Fish: Bleak Map: Winding Rivulet Coords: 89:112 (depth 23cm) Clip: 40%-60% Setup:
  24. Map: Volkhov River Grid Square: F5 Bait: Ylin-Uistin Snatcher-S009 Ingame name: Tiribombax
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