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  1. In this topic "Skill tree discussions" several players including Levo said that it does. You say it does not. I am not 100% sure but would like to know for sure.
  2. RealRolandas69, Here is what worked for me. Go to Mosquito - use latest unlocked rig and us boilies (strawberry 15 is hot atm) - use 5.4kg to 6.9kg fluro line or leaders and 14 hooks. Also drink the expensive Vodka. The boilies is important because it is a bait that is unlocked later than other baits. You will catch a lot of crucians and gibles which is what you want. Also a lot of trophies which is also what you want. Look at latest forum spots for Mosquito. Try this for happy hour and i am sure you will see a difference. Let me know if this worked.
  3. Thankyou for this it looks very interesting. I am unsure how to install it. I am a first time user and i did dowload and extracted. What now? Thankyou for any help. click on exe? ok i figured it out
  4. 1 Year 2 Months 24 Days - 3173 Ingame days (rl hours) 100% in all skills
  5. daggabull

    Bear Lake

  6. daggabull

    Spinning Reels

    if u give somebody a fish u feed him for a day - if u teach somebody to fish u feed him for life - if u give somebody a reel.................
  7. daggabull


    Agreed. Still want a answer from RF4.
  8. daggabull


    For normal spinning rods i agree with u. Have u ever used a low profile baitcasting reel irl? I have and the baitcasting reel play a huge part when casting. No bass rod is very long yet u can cast very long distances if it is a good reel and u have it set up right.
  9. daggabull


    Also if u look at the choices u have i chose the reel because of the test it has for casting light lures.
  10. daggabull


    That is what i would like them to do. At least i would have an answer to use for future reference.
  11. daggabull


    Surely the line had to snap before the rod. Is that not the purpose of making the line the weakest link. It happened very quickly right at my feet. I think it is a bug because i had a fluro leader 11.6kg and i think the game recognised the leader but not the line.
  12. daggabull


    Can somebody from RF4 please give me an answer why this happened. The line and rod was bought at the same time and the line is the weakest point. So how is this possible? I spent a lot of time and silver to get this rod and now don't know if i want to use a ul rod again if this is what happens. What is the use then to use the knowledge you build up in the game? Please answer RF4.
  13. daggabull


    Enzo u were saying play a comp with some russians
  14. daggabull

    Kuori Lake

    hehehe - know that feeling
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