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  1. daggabull

    Bear Lake

    Thankyou for your posts Setup
  2. daggabull

    Bear Lake

    Another net
  3. daggabull

    Bear Lake

    Clip is the clip on the side of your spinning reel. It is used to set max cast distance. So if you want to cast just before reeds or to a hole where the fish is you can set clip distance on all rods and on your spod rod so you can throw the ground bait exactly where you through your bait. In game i works with Ctr + and -.
  4. daggabull

    Bear Lake

    Same place ty Setup and vsmbenett
  5. daggabull

    Technical Issues

    what is your user name only find this name ingame under level 7 and off line
  6. daggabull

    Technical Issues

    and what type of fishing are you doing float feeder or spin?
  7. daggabull

    Sura River

    And another big factor is braid vers mono or flouro, mono and flouro is much more forgiving (more stretch). So with braid you must be carefull.(no stretch)
  8. daggabull

    Sura River

    I think there is 3 factors that come into play here and would like to have comments on this. First if you are constantly reeling in you don't give fish space to move so for me it is a balance of giving line when fish move away and taking line when there is slack. So one reason for losing fish is constantly reeling in(too much pressure on fish). Another reason is wrong size hook versus bait size and wrong hook size versus fish size even if it has 5 stars. Then your brake setting for me also influence losing a fish and this depend on ohter factors as well like which line kg you have on which reel and rod. So in other words if you setup is not balanced properly you will also lose fish. But how you fight fish i think is the most important.
  9. daggabull

    Report a Bug

    Thankyou for fixing the reels!!!
  10. daggabull

    Report a Bug

    Hello, I know reelspeed has been reworked but seems at low speeds it is not working correctly. Especially helped when fishing with ultra light rod the way it was before. Now it looks almost like 1 reelspeed and 10 reelspeed is almost the same. Also seem at low speed shift for speeding up is not doing anything. Boat steering also not good.
  11. daggabull


    What happened to the 3 days premier mentioned in the patch notes?
  12. daggabull

    Baits Q&A

    I think players, especially a lot of new players are missing the point. Nothing in life is perfect. I have been a avid fisherman for most of my life. This game try to immitate real fishing as close as possible (with a few idiosyncrasies thrown in which according to me make it interesting) and when you start to progress in the game and if you have some knowledge of the subject you start to realize just how much research has gone into developing this game. If everything was smooth sailing it wouldn't have kept us occupied for so long. So according to me it is a "swearword" great game. Just my opinion. your's truly - daggabull
  13. daggabull

    Spin Bait Casting Q&A

    Also casting or spinning?
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