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  1. Seversky Donets River C3 Nasty Worm 2.5-004 daggabull
  2. Very nice lake but getting stuck while drifting but not showing that I am stuck so cannot get unstuck except to relog. Wish there was a red boat then to get to spot faster after that. But very nice!!!!
  3. Map: Kuori Lake trolling: 120.88 Lure: Ylin-Uistin Dodger Crank 10-SS001
  4. when fish get close hold right mouse button in to lift rod upright
  5. If you implement system where we can sell our old gear all this nonsense will stop
  6. I have a friend who is playing the game on steam and can not log into the forum. (username already in use - server failed) If he tries for instance to click on guides post (you don't have permission to view this content) he would like to register for competitions etc also his user name is Exhopek lvl 22 if somebody can help maybe
  7. just some help for new players - took about an hour spot 1 and 2 - clip 6 spot 3 clip 7 just before grass if you unlocked hair rig u can use the sinking boilie rig also the leader was made but can be exchanged with fluoro leader (about 6kg max according to the max load of your rod) which gives a very good bite rate TIGHT LINES!!!
  8. The bite on carp and bot rods especially for smaller fish like crucian etc is to pronounced. For me it is going away from realistic towards arcade.
  9. what reel do u have - open spinning with bail that u open or closed baitcasting?
  10. Hi, When is the new lake and the big reels and rods I see advertised coming?
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