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  1. kmartw0w

    Technical Issues

    Hello, after logging in with steam (not entering any info at sing in start up screen) i was greeted with new lvl 1 account. What a nice surprise! I quickly exited the game to re log but to my unfortune game now doesn't ask me what account i want to use and directly log ins via steam. After second log in to my level 1 friend i shed many tears of sweat tying to find log off button but the best i found was Quit the game. If im blind Lord have mercy on me if not what i should do to access my old pre steam account? THANKS IN ADVANCE PEACE
  2. kmartw0w

    Kuori Lake

    I hope you are not talking about falling into water. Because its two different things. I have fell into water at burg. But Kouri's west bank near rocks are super sketchy. Twitches and bumps of camera view too. Than boom out of no where you re back at city.
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