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  1. Hi, Thanks for the fast hotfix witch solved a lot of the issues but a little one new arose, at least for me. Its not much but it takes away from realism for me. The line angle vs the rod bend is off when fighting fish. Attaching some screens, the bigger the fish the more pronounced it gets. Its repeating consistently. Casting rod, lure rig, vobler. Not sure about other rigs yet.
  2. Thanks for sharing guys, interesting to see other ppl ratios, @Goregrinder @Crapu. @Goregrinder, I recently got into match rod fishing and noticed that average size of the fish is very nice on top of the extra exp that float fishing provides, but the trophy rate is way down. Do you feel the same way? Any tips for carp trophies since you have 30k fish on top of me. Cheers!
  3. Hi, Would love to compare and discuss the ratios of trophy fish per fish caught by rod type. Divide the # of fish caught by # of trophy caught and you'll get a rough estimate how often you can expect to get a trophy on that rod type. Would be interesting to see numbers of any of you guys and if they draw any tendencies. You can skip calculating if you busy just drop the plain screen grab if you can. Cheers!
  4. Never mind, I fixed it. Green ticks fixed the issue.
  5. Hi, Whenever I try to drag the Windowed Mode Rf4 game screen on my second monitor (witch is connected to the main pc via wireless display), when the mouse reaches edge where two displays connect, rf4 window starts blinking crazy and resolution auto sets to something huge and I can use interface witch is now on both displays and is beyond the borders of my resolution. Only reachable button is window's X (thankfully) key to shut down the program. After witch if launched again the resolution is set back to normal and the process repeats itself if tried again. Anyone have any idea what's going on, is its rf4 related is it a display issue, what do you guys think? Thanks Cheers
  6. Gratz to the winners! Sorry for not participating. Extremely busy with work. Hoping to come back soon!
  7. kmartw0w


    Hi, just before the last restart I bought items of the event store, silver's gone and no items. What should i do? I remember exactly what i bought if that helps Also, last three items i got are there but not 10 prior items.
  8. You can get snagged without being able to 2nd mouse click if you strike the biting fish and "rng roll" a snag when near vegetation. Happened multiple times now both on bottom and float rigs.
  9. kmartw0w


    What loads can offset hooks hold? Any info graphics on that?
  10. Was just switching around rods and this happened. Only relog helped
  11. How is everyone's pike totals looks like from 34+ tournament? And what you guys think will be Top3? 50KG at least ? I managed a mediocre 38.612 kg had fun tho!
  12. If you are in-game when the forum competition starts or finishes you get a notification in bottom right corner. That's the only indication about forum tournaments as far as I know.
  13. Gday, @Elwoodiath2 Will the 5 tournament water bodies for pike be specified or it can by any lake? Right now it says 5 bodies but i cant seem to find witch ones. Thanks!
  14. If they cover all the levels it will not boost premium sales witch is most likely the purpose of this event. In RF4 almost everything that is done to the game is made to boost profits, witch I personally have no problem with, because the core game is still great.
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