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  1. kmartw0w


    What loads can offset hooks hold? Any info graphics on that?
  2. Was just switching around rods and this happened. Only relog helped
  3. How is everyone's pike totals looks like from 34+ tournament? And what you guys think will be Top3? 50KG at least ? I managed a mediocre 38.612 kg had fun tho!
  4. If you are in-game when the forum competition starts or finishes you get a notification in bottom right corner. That's the only indication about forum tournaments as far as I know.
  5. Gday, @Elwoodiath2 Will the 5 tournament water bodies for pike be specified or it can by any lake? Right now it says 5 bodies but i cant seem to find witch ones. Thanks!
  6. If they cover all the levels it will not boost premium sales witch is most likely the purpose of this event. In RF4 almost everything that is done to the game is made to boost profits, witch I personally have no problem with, because the core game is still great.
  7. Hi Rich, A lot of foam fish till zander spoon and then this spoon till wobblers. If i remmeber correctly. Last 15% was a real sink in silver tho. I Ended up about averaging just the same what people are saying about 10-15k total. Taimen are at the other side of the belaya most of the time, around the deepest hole edges. A far casting distance is most important imo. Blueish lures helps, rain helps, under 15 deg helps, for top water calm weather also helps. In my experience. GL!
  8. Cant seem to locate taimen this week. I know its early in the week but maybe some1 had a bite or two somewhere? Photo somewhat related, my head count record for 1h of casting
  9. Would you be able to suggest my best bet for a sterlet spot?
  10. kmartw0w

    Lures Q&A

    Nevermind, made it to 100% myself
  11. True, i though you need foam fish. IF you are intrested I power leveled last two days from 0 to 85% with a cost of under 4k silver. Its not that bad if you per your hooks and craft during all HH
  12. 20% needed for foam fish crafting is very cheap and easy to unluck. Good luck.
  13. Sbirolino with a soft lure is bugged and no technique will work, no message will appear above tension bar. However Taimen used to bite good on the blue foam fish while mimicking jig step retrieval. You can try use that. Simple jig step rig works as well. Notable: Sbirolino with a lure like for ex. small spoon can be jig stepped or used as stop n go and so for, don't mistaken these two. Sibolino in general is used to cast small lures over wast distances, and taimen like to hang around the other side near rocks of Belaya in my experiance.
  14. kmartw0w

    Lures Q&A

    Looking for a lure maker to make for sale hand made wooden jerk, blue one, smaller size (100), 10/10 q, pm me.
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