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  1. kmartw0w


    Hello Rf4 devs! Nice work on the current game, I already clocked around a thousand hours on it! But i have a question about the predecessor. As i can see rf3 continues to get updates along side rf4. Does rf3 have a separate dev team or same people as rf4? Im wondering this because i would like to come back to my rf3 5k hours+ account but after rf4 english version, the Russian interface in the first game really kills the vibe for the non russian :D I keep getting fined by the PETA because i cant understand waterbodie's restrictions >_< Is there any chance the rf3 gets the language translation to English any time soon? And maybe even some kind of ad on the launcher or anywhere to let rf4 people now theres a really cool little gem to try out when you get Fish Lost after a big fight on the main game :D Thanks in advance
  2. kmartw0w

    Kuori Lake

    I hope you are not talking about falling into water. Because its two different things. I have fell into water at burg. But Kouri's west bank near rocks are super sketchy. Twitches and bumps of camera view too. Than boom out of no where you re back at city.
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