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  1. kmartw0w

    Lures Q&A

    Nevermind, made it to 100% myself
  2. True, i though you need foam fish. IF you are intrested I power leveled last two days from 0 to 85% with a cost of under 4k silver. Its not that bad if you per your hooks and craft during all HH
  3. 20% needed for foam fish crafting is very cheap and easy to unluck. Good luck.
  4. Sbirolino with a soft lure is bugged and no technique will work, no message will appear above tension bar. However Taimen used to bite good on the blue foam fish while mimicking jig step retrieval. You can try use that. Simple jig step rig works as well. Notable: Sbirolino with a lure like for ex. small spoon can be jig stepped or used as stop n go and so for, don't mistaken these two. Sibolino in general is used to cast small lures over wast distances, and taimen like to hang around the other side near rocks of Belaya in my experiance.
  5. kmartw0w

    Lures Q&A

    Looking for a lure maker to make for sale hand made wooden jerk, blue one, smaller size (100), 10/10 q, pm me.
  6. WTB hand mane wooden jerk, blue one, smaller size (100), 10/10, pm in game.
  7. Yesterday was crazy on jerks, today not so much. But its fun. Could mods actually confirm that Taimen trophies are in the game though? I heard rumors way ago that they were taken off to rebalance their behavior(?) Taimem runs are different now, from what they used to be a year or so ago imho but i could be wrong. Im just asking are trophies in the game @Pindobinha @Elwoodiath2, its like the fish I target the most recently in hopes of the trophy. #DREAM Cheers
  8. Sure.This is what works for me. Jerks this week in particular.
  9. I vouch to not leave Belaya until I get a 40kg one. Wish me luck.
  10. Spent few days to find what they bite this week, since i saw only small ones get caught on usual stuff. The lure was a surprise!
  11. How come no1 has caught a trophy yet? WHERE ARE THEY? Been trying and trying. Many have been. They are not in Belaya.
  12. kmartw0w

    Spinning Reels

    Hey folks, does anyone own a Zeimen / Minister Phantom bait casting reel? Is it any good? Why it has such a high value, in your opinion? And what rod (light or medium light, why?) would you pair it with?
  13. Hello, Does anyone knows if ULL rod type counts towards UL record table?
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