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  1. Hello @Animal Mother, For telescopic (no reel) you should maintain Rod > Line > Hook -> like 5.5kg ROD > 5.2kg Line > cheap hook (no indication on break point, need to test yourself), that way you'll lose only the hook if properly set. For any Reel setup, there is a catch, the reel brake/drag power is different from the reel break point (usually around 1.5x the reel brake/drag power, but there is no indication ingame) So, you can use this: Rod (around 2x-1.5x) > Line (around 1.3x) > Reel > Hook (hook it's not that important here, you should bet the better hook your money can buy) Example: Rod 10kg, Line 8kg, Reel 7kg, that way, if properly set, you can max drag brake to 29 without getting into red zone and if you get spooled or set your reel brake power to infinity, you lose only line or hook.
  2. Indy

    Groundbait Q&A

    Because it's automatic the selection of ingredients for known recipes (Like Carp), no need to select. If you go to the "Groundbait", the first choice, you can see all ingredients and choose any of them.
  3. Hello @emu, You get a probability of more 15%, it does not mean you will get 15% more fish/trophy, as it's statistically calculated, could be some variation, you can get more or less, but it is increased from a skill without points invested.
  4. Indy

    Casting Reels

    No way to know, only testing... you can go safe around 1.3-1.5x, that way you can use braid line with more than 100m and still reach 29 on the reel brake.
  5. Try smaller hooks (between 20-10), if the hook is too big and the fish is small you lose more. Better hooks stars (quality) helps too. And, float fishing is and art not always catch a fish....
  6. I think you looked the Silver Coins not the Gold Coins (yellow), and there are some price changes at some maps, Winding Rivulet is the cheapest (i'm there, below is the gold price now), but often out of stock. Syberia Linear is around 4 Gold depends on model. Lacerti 4000-S is 1.07 Gold.
  7. Hello @Oroles, If you are having too much repair cost, you should try to catch smaller fish with other types of lures/baits, you will not wear that much and still make more money. Use cheap lures/hooks/lines until you can afford bigger gear. Your reel is 6kg and your Leader is 6kg, your reel has wear, so it's less than 6kg, if you get a big fish, lose all the line on the spool, you potentially can break rod or reel or both. What you need for the 6kg reel is (example): max 9kg rod, 8.5 line, 8kg leader leader, 6 reel. You can assemble a little less then max to be safe for that reel.
  8. From what I can see, all you have is unbalanced (some dangerous like spinning, 6kg leader will brake all your setup) or not optimized setup for reel use. With reel, you can use a little bigger line/rod than reel max drag (that way you can max you reel brake to 29 without getting to red bar or at the start of red bar - that's the optimal but not always needed and could be dangerous if using too big line size, I normally use around 16-25 the brake setting for less wear). You use 5.5/6kg reel, I suggest to use 30-50% higher rod/line for cheap reels (around 7-9kg) and if possible buy the middle line size (350 or 450m, so you can get bigger fish without getting out of line easily and get bonus of less wear of bigger line size). Better buy a bigger test rod first, later a bigger line (little smaller test than your rod). For your skills, I suggest start putting some on the feeder or float (try to focus on one first), start with the one that gives control of the fish, it make easier to land a fish, so less wear, less trouble.
  9. Hello @Oroles, Spinning is indeed the "hard way to start" because you can use 1 rod at time on the ground, more on the boat. I suggest you to start using 2 float setups or 2 feeder setups at same time. If you are getting high maintenance cost, you are probably using a small setup and getting big fish, causing too much wear. Try to use smaller lures to get smaller fish and use 2 other rod setups to help get more fish too, use the cheap line for now until you can afford bigger setup. You can also reset your skill points 1 time for free if you want to focus another type of fishing technique. Also, send a screenshot of your setup, it will help people suggest things to do.
  10. Please post a screen of your setup and tell us exactly how you lost it Hello, and send a screenshot of your spinning skill tree too.
  11. All the skill points will be reset (you can spend again all the skill points), the percentage gained will stay the same, you can do only 1 time for free.
  12. With more skill points invested on harvesting blood worms or algae, you will get more of them, consequently faster experience gain, but they are harder to catch, worms are easier.
  13. Hello @Abucarpmaster, Worms are everywhere, so it's easier to get from digging even without skill points invested, other types of baits are harder to get, so it's harder to level harvesting experience on these. Also, keep in mind that after some harvesting experience gained, it will slow down too.
  14. Suggest staying with smaller lines until a new update with division comes (no eta yet) if using smaller reel/spool, some lines gives 120m (I normally use that), or buy a bigger line with smaller line size, so it can use around 200-350mt on some bigger reel/spool, but you can't use all the brake power of the reel with smaller line size. Another thing you can use is a boat (or run) on some lakes, you can go after if a big fish comes, that help a lot when the setup is not big enough to stop the fish from getting away!
  15. Currently more line on the spool will wear less the line. The division of line is not implemented yet, as the game is still in beta development, you will use all the line that the spool can hold, the division is a feature to be implemented.
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