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  1. Hello I was wondering what effect the wear on the lures have to the actual lure? For example what will change if a wobbler has 30% wear ? Does it increase the chance of losing a fish, or decrease bite-rate or maybe affect the fish size somehow?
  2. Hello, I would love to get another red boat (Class A) to be added to Akhtuba, because we already have like 3 different class B boats and since I and probably a lot users like to use the Class A one we only have 1 available and it happens quite a lot to me, when i travel and then decide to go to shore and i leave the boat i just fall in the water and get teleported to the base and if i want to use the red boat again i should relog in order for it to appear back in the base so i can rent it. Thank you for the attention !
  3. Akhtuba - White-eye Bream Coords: 63:133 (D4) Clip: 15m. Gear: Saw it on VK, worked out..
  4. Akhtuba - Beloribitsa Whitefish Coords: 63:133 (D4) Clip: 19m. Gear:
  5. Akhtuba - Zander Coords: 63:133 (D4) Clip - 19m. Gear: Different species on the spot you can get on bleak like Russian/Stellate Sturgeon, Beloribitsa, Asp, Pike and even Cats
  6. Ladoga - Three-spined Stickleback Coords: 22:53 (B5) Gear: Just to mention.. i have no points in slider rig on which the trophy came so for those of you that have it might come even easier.. also there is some roach so watch out.
  7. Ahtuba - Sichel Coords: It bit while trolling at B5 Gear: Hooks on the spiker:
  8. Tunguska River - Siberian Sculpin Coords:114:115 (E6) Clip: 8m. Cast - between E and S Gear: A lot of siberian gudgeon there as well.
  9. Volkhov - Vimba Coords: 164:109 (Docks) Clip: 25m. Cast - W (at 3m. hole) Gear: 2 Vimbas for the whole night, both trophies:
  10. Tunguska River - Lake Minnow Coords: 80:158 (D4 - Pond) Gear: I have to increase my float % so i went there on happy hour.. nothing really impressive tho
  11. @Crucian Didn't knew about this guide, thanks ! Should i delete the topic or not, i've got my question answered ?
  12. Hello, I was wondering about the Bunessan Picker/Feeder Rods, because i am planing to buy 3x of them, but i have 1 question: Since they give +2 Points to In-line rig, Paternoster rig and Loop rig, what if i already have put 3 skill points into one of those rigs for example in Loop.. i put 3 skill points in Loop rig and + 2 from the Bunessan Rod does that make them 5 or does it still count as maximum 3. I would be thankful if a dev or someone who really knows answers.
  13. Lower Tunguska River - Pink Salmon Trolling the deep holes. It bit between the 11m. and 7.5m. hole Gear: Lure hook: I was trying to target some bigger Nelmas, that's why i used the largest hooks possible.
  14. Forgot to show the groundbait i used..
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