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  1. Old Burg - Frog Coords: 57:36 Cast: in the lillies in front Gear: Depth: 17 cm.
  2. Yama River - Chum Salmon Coords: 166:214 (F3) Cast - Between N and E Retrieval Speed: 25 Gear: Hook on Soturi - Magneric Treble 1/0
  3. Tunguska - Eastern Bream Coords: 97:97 (base) Clip: 20m. Cast - Slightly right of S (into 7.5m. hole) Gear: GB - Standart bream mix
  4. Akhtuba - Buffalo Coords: 117:101 Clip: 10m. No PVA just Spod - Gear: Keepnet in 1h.
  5. Amber - Common Barbel Coords: 169:83 (J7) Clip: 35m. Gear: Spod:
  6. Thanks for the post, got mine in less than 20 minutes without PVA and with Spod.
  7. Mosquito Lake - Ide Coords: 74:77 Cast: Slightly right of N Clip: 20m. Gear: Gear 2: Dry mix i used: And the trophy card for Mosquito Lake is also done !
  8. Mosquito Lake - Perch Bit at 9 AM, cloudy weather Coords: 95:71 Clip: 9m. Cast - Between W and N Basic bottom rig Gear: Keepnet in ~1h
  9. Kuori - Ruffe Coords: 120:114 (H4) Clip: ~30m. (did full casts with cheapest picker rod possible so its around 30m. clip) Directions: 10m. hole Gear: Lot of breams and perch there also, so keep the friction low.. as long as its on the trophy card is good trophy..
  10. Winding Rivulet - Donets Ruffe Coords: 108:124 Clip - 8m. Gear: Can't be seen from the screenshot, but i used basic bottom rig Finished Winding Rivulet Trophy card
  11. Hello I was wondering what effect the wear on the lures have to the actual lure? For example what will change if a wobbler has 30% wear ? Does it increase the chance of losing a fish, or decrease bite-rate or maybe affect the fish size somehow?
  12. Hello, I would love to get another red boat (Class A) to be added to Akhtuba, because we already have like 3 different class B boats and since I and probably a lot users like to use the Class A one we only have 1 available and it happens quite a lot to me, when i travel and then decide to go to shore and i leave the boat i just fall in the water and get teleported to the base and if i want to use the red boat again i should relog in order for it to appear back in the base so i can rent it. Thank you for the attention !
  13. Akhtuba - White-eye Bream Coords: 63:133 (D4) Clip: 15m. Gear: Saw it on VK, worked out..
  14. Akhtuba - Beloribitsa Whitefish Coords: 63:133 (D4) Clip: 19m. Gear:
  15. Akhtuba - Zander Coords: 63:133 (D4) Clip - 19m. Gear: Different species on the spot you can get on bleak like Russian/Stellate Sturgeon, Beloribitsa, Asp, Pike and even Cats
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