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  1. Hello, i was wondering what more should i do in order to complete this achievment. From the scale it looks like i need 1 more dish to complete the achievment, but i don't know which one. Those are the things from the Crafting menu in the Camp that i've made, which involves frying dishes. I have also made all the things before those so even if it was something from it, i would have done it already.
  2. It is Sura.. if he didn't edit his post just for the people to know.
  3. Congratz, @Kelly S You should be proud, to be able to complete the trophy card for a specific Lake seems complicated.
  4. Old Burg - Tench Coords: 70:50 (I4) Clip: 7m. Bait: Honey Dough Groundbait: Standart Tench Mix Fish: Location: Gear: 2 Trophy Tench in 30 mins, but not that good of a biterate.
  5. charliesheen1


    Guys please make the carp species more "hungry" for different and more specific kind of baits, because for example if i want to target Mirror Carp or Leather Carp on Bear Lake it is extremely difficult to find any, because on each spot i try (there are 3,4 decent spots on bear lake for carp fishing) the fish is only biting on Cocos and Cream 16/22 with Cocos and Cream Flavour White corn, and on this bait you get mostly Grass Carp and Common Carps which is kinda frustrating, because in my opinion you should be able to target different kinda carp species with different baits/boilies. If i want to complete my Trophy Card for Bear Lake i can't do it because if i use the only boilies that works lately (Cocos and Cream 16/22 with the same corn) i get only Grassies and Commons and rarely Black Carp. If you check the Weekly Top 90% of the carp baits are Cocos and Cream 16/22 Boilies with Artificial Corn and you can't focus on 1 fish only. Please make all different carp species to be able to be targeted with different kind of baits and not just one bait for each carp specie and to hope to get lucky enough to hook the specie you actually want.
  6. Bear Lake - Grass Carp Coords: 55:31 Gear: Clip: 15m Cast: Straight Bait: PopUp Boilies + Artificial corn
  7. Kuori - Perch Coords: 124:83 (H7) Clip: 25m Bait: Nightcrawler Fish: Gear: Location:
  8. Hello, i was lucky enough to get 7 days premium from the gifts but my question is until when can i use it, because i have to travel in 2 days and i won't be able to play for a week or so and i just didn't want to activate it and then to not be able to play so thats why im asking..
  9. Finally i've got my 7 days premium from a gift Got it from this gift Some other decent things i've got from the gifts..:
  10. Belaya River - Ruffe Coords: 72:61 Clip: 7m Cast: W Bait: Redworm Great spot to get a trophy for the trophy card and as well to farm some livebait. Fish: Location: Gear:
  11. Old Burg - Eel Coords: 60:14 (H9) Clip: 7m Cast: In the lillies Bait: Nightcrawler Fish: Location: Gear: Groundbait: Just a side catch..
  12. Congratz, mate! What is the retrieval speed ?
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