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  1. Forgot to show the groundbait i used..
  2. Old Burg - Eel Location: 35:58 (E3) Clip: 8m. Bait - Fish Pieces Gear:
  3. And another 1 on the same spot.. 11m. hole, but this time at around 22:00 PM and with different lure. Gear:
  4. Lower Tunguska River - Siberian Char Loach Coords: 97:97 (E6) Weather: Clear night Temp: ~10 degrees Time: 22:00 Bait: Caddisfly Gear:
  5. Lower Tunguska River - Arctic Char Coords: Not sure.. 11m hole Weather: Cloudy Time: ~05:00 AM Trolling gear: Lure Hook size - 1/0 (Magneric)
  6. Ladoga - Vuoksa Whitefish Coords: 43:58 Clip: 27m. Cast: Slightly left from S Bait: Mayfly Larva GB: Custom - Check Screenshot below Fish: Gear: GB:
  7. Specie: Common Carp Map: Amber Lake Coords: 169:82 Clip: 35m Cast: Slightly right from W Setup (classic pop-up) Weather: sunny Dry Mix for Spod:
  8. @Crucian Thanks for the post, i checked it and from what i read i will cast 3 instead of the usual 2 spod casts which i did until now and i bought slingshot for boilies/pellets as well, because i didn't have one until now haha.
  9. Hello, i was wondering how many portions of dry mix should i cast with my Spod Rod to be the most efficient and to not overfeed the area where i fish and how often should i throw another dry mix portions? Some people say that we should throw dry mix about every 2,3 ingame hours, other says depending on the duration of the mix.. don't know. If we consider that i always make 9/10 or 10/10 quality dry mix like this one for example.
  10. Thanks for answer dude, yeah it is as you said fully possible and is actually pretty terrifying.. i absolutely love that show with Jeremy Wade, especially the episodes from like Amazon river or something.. would be nice to see Amazon river in RF4 tbh.
  11. Old Burg - Perch Coords: 63:60 Cast - Between the 2 trees Rig: Jigging Lure: Quicker 4.5 001 Jigstep - 50 speed Fish: Spot: Gear:
  12. Ladoga - Common Roach Coords: 50:69 (E3 - Base) Clip: 11m Cast - SW Bait: Pearl barley GB: Standart Roach mix It's not a big deal to catch trophy Common Roach, but since its on the trophy card - why not. Fish: Gear:
  13. Ladoga - Smelt Coords: 72:55 (H9) Float fishing - 40-50% cast Depth: 50cm. Bait: Worm Fish: Gear:
  14. Ladoga - Vendace Coords: 73:55 (H5) Float fishing - 40-50% cast Cast: 5m hole Depth: 30cm. Bait: Mayfly larva Props to @Kole S for the spot. Fish: Gear:
  15. Good evening, dear anglers. I once heard a story from my home country (Bulgaria) about the death of 2 "anglers", which were fishing in a forbidden waterbody and since they couldn't use lights or any sound at all which would reveal their location to the security, they decided to tie the line to their ankles in order to know when the fish is biting, but apparently they got drunk and fall asleep. Well.. the next thing that happened was that they died, because something bit the bait and pulled them in the water where they drowned. It is not an urban legend or something.. it got covered on the news and on the next day when they sent divers to look for the bodies, they went in the water and some minutes later they came out terrified and said, that on the bottom some gigantic catfish are laying on the bottom like pigs and the divers said that they wouldn't go there again without a cage. So what do you think guys.. just a story from my home country if you have something similar to tell feel free to do it. Tight lines
  16. Bear Lake - Grass Carp Coords: 55:63 Clip: 21m. Cast: 3.5m hole Bait: Banana Boilies + Corn Fish: Gear: Cocos & Cream 16/22 + Cocos and Cream Flavour White works there as well, but the trophy came on Banana
  17. Volkhov - Bream Coords: 164:109 (Base) Clip: 30m Cast: W (3m hole) Bait: Pea Porridge Saw the spot on VK and decided to test it, since i haven't complete the bream from the trophy card, but now i got it. Fish: Gear: - Basic Bottom Groundbait:
  18. Volkhov - Nase Coords: 71:100 Clip: 25m Cast: S Bait: Algae Fish: Gear: Groundbait:
  19. Hello, i was wondering what more should i do in order to complete this achievment. From the scale it looks like i need 1 more dish to complete the achievment, but i don't know which one. Those are the things from the Crafting menu in the Camp that i've made, which involves frying dishes. I have also made all the things before those so even if it was something from it, i would have done it already.
  20. It is Sura.. if he didn't edit his post just for the people to know.
  21. Congratz, @Kelly S You should be proud, to be able to complete the trophy card for a specific Lake seems complicated.
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