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  1. Old Burg - Tench Coords: 70:50 (I4) Clip: 7m. Bait: Honey Dough Groundbait: Standart Tench Mix Fish: Location: Gear: 2 Trophy Tench in 30 mins, but not that good of a biterate.
  2. Guys please make the carp species more "hungry" for different and more specific kind of baits, because for example if i want to target Mirror Carp or Leather Carp on Bear Lake it is extremely difficult to find any, because on each spot i try (there are 3,4 decent spots on bear lake for carp fishing) the fish is only biting on Cocos and Cream 16/22 with Cocos and Cream Flavour White corn, and on this bait you get mostly Grass Carp and Common Carps which is kinda frustrating, because in my opinion you should be able to target different kinda carp species with different baits/boilies. If i want to complete my Trophy Card for Bear Lake i can't do it because if i use the only boilies that works lately (Cocos and Cream 16/22 with the same corn) i get only Grassies and Commons and rarely Black Carp. If you check the Weekly Top 90% of the carp baits are Cocos and Cream 16/22 Boilies with Artificial Corn and you can't focus on 1 fish only. Please make all different carp species to be able to be targeted with different kind of baits and not just one bait for each carp specie and to hope to get lucky enough to hook the specie you actually want.
  3. Bear Lake - Grass Carp Coords: 55:31 Gear: Clip: 15m Cast: Straight Bait: PopUp Boilies + Artificial corn
  4. Kuori - Perch Coords: 124:83 (H7) Clip: 25m Bait: Nightcrawler Fish: Gear: Location:
  5. Hello, i was lucky enough to get 7 days premium from the gifts but my question is until when can i use it, because i have to travel in 2 days and i won't be able to play for a week or so and i just didn't want to activate it and then to not be able to play so thats why im asking..
  6. Finally i've got my 7 days premium from a gift Got it from this gift Some other decent things i've got from the gifts..:
  7. Belaya River - Ruffe Coords: 72:61 Clip: 7m Cast: W Bait: Redworm Great spot to get a trophy for the trophy card and as well to farm some livebait. Fish: Location: Gear:
  8. Old Burg - Eel Coords: 60:14 (H9) Clip: 7m Cast: In the lillies Bait: Nightcrawler Fish: Location: Gear: Groundbait: Just a side catch..
  9. Congratz, mate! What is the retrieval speed ?
  10. Belaya - Common Roach Coords: 71:67 (G4) Clip: 18m Cast: W Bait: Caddisfly Groundbait: Regular for Roach Fish: Location: Gear: Just for the trophy card..
  11. @Kole S Thanks, Kole. Spot works great. A little hint for the other guys.. just cast as far as you can it worked better for me.
  12. Bear Lake - Common Carp Coords: 55:31 (F7) Clip: 17m Cast - W Bait: Boilies (check the Screenshots) GB/PVA - None Fish: Coords: Gear:
  13. Hello, My suggestion would be to add Tackle Store on Bear Lake just like on each other Waterbody in this game (im lvl 25 tho so im not really sure that each waterbody after Sura has one, but i guess they do). The reason for me to want Tackle store on Bear Lake is that Bear Lake, along with Amber are probably the waterbodies that are worth experimenting with all types of boilies in order to catch some decent carps. At least if you are not willing to give us the fully equiped Tackle Store, just give us some sort of "Local Baitstore", from which we would be able to buy all the different kind of Boilies (PopUp, Sinking Boilies, Pellets and Dips). In my opinion it would be easier to experiment with different Baits without leaving the waterbody just to buy some new Boilies.
  14. Volkhov - Common Roach Coords: 70:100 Clip: 25m Cast - S Bait: Bark beetle larva The spot has been really productive in the past days tho.. Fish: Location: Gear:
  15. @Crucian Thanks for the fast answer!
  16. First i want to apologize in advance if the question is not posted in the right place, but i couldn't find where to post it... My question is what is the difference between the Steam version of the game and the Standalone, if i decide to transfer to standalone version, can i still achieve the steam achievments and do i lose achievments that i have already completed? Also what are the benefits of the Standalone version, besides the faster customer support and the most important thing for me which is to be able to participate in almost all the Events, Competitions etc.. which are being done quite often.
  17. Volkhov - White-eye Bream Coords: 71:100 Clip: 25m Cast - S Bait: Bark beetle larva Fish: Location: Gear:
  18. Volkhov - Weekly Trophy Nase Coords: 71:100 Clip: 25m Cast - S Bait: Nightcrawler Fish: Location: Gear: I guess the key to the success was the rain, because after it started raining i got that trophy + 1 white-eyes bream trophy. Weekly ^_^:
  19. Volkhov - Ruffe Coords: 28:82 Clip: 10m Cast - E Bait: Redworm Good place to hunt some small trophy species like Ruffe, Gudgeon, Mussels etc.. Fish: Location: Gear:
  20. Mosquito Lake - Crucian Carp Coords: 80:72 Clip: 17m Bait: Nightcrawler Fish: Gear: Location:
  21. Volkhov - River Mussel Coords: 28:82 Clip: 10m Cast - E Bait: Redworm A lot of different species like River Mussel, Crayfish, Chub, Ruffe etc.. got like 10 mussels there 2 from which trophy. Fish: Gear: Location:
  22. Absolutely agree ! Brown trout on Belaya and on Tunguska as well and many many more.. common carp on old burg or mosquito is kinda hard to target, when the weekly is always on Amber as well.
  23. Great Idea, Kole. Since the Crocodile is my favourite animal i would love to get an avatar like that one below, but instead of a lion - a badass looking crocodile.
  24. I agree, also i think the price of some trophy species should be increased as well, because its kinda hard to get a trophy Frog which is worth 4 silver only, or some Perch which are worth 10 silver and are kinda rare for a trophy size. I can understand the low price of crucian/gibel trophy which is around 10-20 silver, but we are getting crucian/gibel trophies quite often.
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