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  1. Finally got it ! Worth only 4 silvers tho New Mosquito Lake Fish: Frog Coords: 83:66, no clip just cast in the pod just like on the screenshot, 27cm depth, Setup:
  2. I saw it on VK and tested it.. it worked Map: Old Burg Fish: Tench Coords: 06:60 (A3), 7m clip cast towards E Setup: Groundbait: There were some 3-6kg grass/common carps there as well.
  3. Thanks to the devs for the update i find it really fresh especially the qualifications and mosquito lake looks dope as well. New Mosquito Lake Fish: Crucian Carp Coords: 53:92 (at the main base close to the bridge) Clip: 10m Setup:
  4. Finally got it haha Specie: Bream Map: Old Burg Coords: 23:67 Clip: 18, cast S Setup: Groundbait: Standart for Bream but Garlic Oil instead of Anise Oil
  5. Specie: White Bream Map: Old Burg Coords: 27:54 Clip: 15m Setup:
  6. Specie: Common Roach Map: Old Burg Coords: 52:32 Clip: 10m Setup: Took it from VK, and it works.
  7. Im not sure if im even allowed to comment on someone else's suggestion but i support you @Raoulex i think that it would be really helpful, because on some maps its really annoying to have to walk all the way to the base so you can check the cafe orders and if you lets say need 1 more fish of the certain species to complete the cafe order and you don't have it you have to go back to fishing and again walk all the way to the base where the Cafe is. Great suggestion !
  8. I think that it would be great if you add some sort of GPS or Navigation System which can be purchasable for example from the Tackle Store under Accessories or from the Hardware Store and once you buy it, when you open the map on the water body you are in, you would be able to write down some coordinates lets say for example you are on Volkhov and someone in chat says, go to 35:55 (for example ofc), there is an active spot for Eel. If you have the GPS once you press M to open your map you would be able to write down the coordinates you want and it will show you where on the map those coordinates are with maybe one red blinking dot. I think it would be useful, because its kinda complicated to find certaint spot on larger maps like Volkov/Amber and probably Ahtuba.
  9. For all the guys that still haven't done the Ruffe on Mosquito Lake yet. Credits to penbob for telling me the spot. Specie: Ruffe Map: Mosquito Lake Coords: 51:59 (cast S) Clip: 10m Setup:
  10. Fish: Gibel Carp Map: Old Burg Coords: 35:58 (On the main island, left from spawn) Setup: Bottom fishing, 10m clip The spot is still active, got 2 trophy Gibels in 1 in game hour.
  11. Fish: Crucian Carp Map: Old Burg Coords: 23:67 7m clip, the spot is good as well for gibel carp, bream i even caught some small eel's there. Setup:
  12. Fish: Chinese Sleeper Map - Old Burg Coords - 35:58 (E3), Clip 8m Setup:
  13. Fish: Eel Map: Volkhov Coords: 105:92 (Central Island) Setup: Bait is fish pieces, but since it was my last one when i got this trophy, I can't show you.
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