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  1. So there is no way to fish shallow with pellets as carp feed in all depths from the bottom to to the surface. I really do not understand why such a fuss has been made of all these different notions of rigs ect. You can fish a waggler at any depth within reason and use multiple baits which is just standard fishing practice. Why does there need to be some special skill? with all these added leaders and bottom rigs. I fish with pellets and pole floats when I fish matches on commercial carp waters and we use pellet bands where a small elastic circular ring fits over the pellet and the hook goes into the ring . The carp rigs for float are no different to fishing a slider which gives exactly the same result . But thanks for that post link now I can see what's happened I won't be float fishing again . Not just because of the waggler mess but it is extremely flawed IMO. But thanks Crucian appreciate the quick reply
  2. Hi can anyone tell me why putting boilies on a waggler 14g it has an added weight put on of 23g mass of 21g in water? Because that sinks the float . Is this a new method of fishing I am unaware of or am I missing something? cheers
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