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  1. Amber, thinking i got an Albino carp i was really happy Wrong, check the pictures maybe is a bug for developers.
  2. Poldo


    Thanks, few days will not be a problem
  3. Poldo


    I saw now Paypal isn't active anymore...
  4. Poldo


    is there any problem to pay with Paypal? My premium subscription expired and are 3 days i'm trying. thanks
  5. Belaya river (other regions) , today catched a trophy Dace 269gr regional record and telescopic record. You can see in the screeshots the fish is recorded on the river but not in the weekly (regional and telescopic) where should be in 2nd position. Screenshots almost 6 hours from the catch. Someone can explain?
  6. Tested on the new waterbody Ladoga Archipelago, lag and almost impossilble fishing there. restarted router, restarted PC, checked files, runned dignostics, stopped other software still lagging. Didn't sent to support dignostics file. Tested Mosquito, winding rivulet and tung, fishing is normal as yesterday without any lag. Any clue before sending dignostic file to support? Thanks
  7. Hi, after the recent patchs the game is not fluid anymore, images scattered and command are delayed. I did it some graphic adjustments without solving. Connection looks good. Any clue to solve?
  8. Thanks for your replay. That's clear now
  9. Cannot find how to see cafè order as premium meaqnwhile i'm around. thanks
  10. Hi, this was my first tournament, after 48 h i can read calculation in progress, on the forum it's said result will be in 24 h. Is it normal or i'm checking in the wrong place? Thanks
  11. IGN: Poldo LOCATION: Winding Rivulet COORDINATES: 75.102 BAIT: Caster
  12. Hi, hoping this is the right place to post my question. I play on a standalone, my inventory shows five icons every row as for the pictures. In a lots of video on internet i see other players showing the inventory with 8 icons per rows , a fastest way to choose items. I scrolled all the settings but i'm not able to set the inventory with this smaller icons. Can someone help me?
  13. Hello Levo, I hope this is the right place to ask some clarification. I bought a Beluga Narga 8000 for silver, and from the tackle shop info the limit is "i cannot send to other players". Checking in the workshop I discover that some replacement part like ball bearings and friction brakes can be repaired only with gold meanwhile mechanism can be repair by silver. I think is unfair, should be indicated once you buy a reel if some replacement can be done only by gold. Otherwise my choice was on another reel. Thanks Poldo PS by your indication I know i can carry this reel a little bit before repair it, thanks.
  14. Now i'm stuck on Loading Profile, after the last update same problem do to many access.
  15. So is wrong the indication on the mix and must indicate sugar 10 pcs instead sugar 1 pcs and will be fair to be corrected.
  16. Finally i got lvl 30 in crafting bait and able to mix Semolina porridge, bought all the 3 items Semolina Milk and Sugar, as you can notice sugar comes in 10 pcs. For bug's demostration I have only 10 sugar pcs in the backpack . Prepared the materials with 1 pcs each. Mixed the Semolina porridge and back to mix another. Surprize no more sugar but i should expected to have still 9 sugar pcs. Backpack is sugar's empty. Mixing 1 time Semolina porridge takes 10 sugar pcs instead 1 sugar pcs.
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