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  1. glasi


    Volkhov - Ruffe Coords: 150:140 Clip: 25 First one on on BB Larva, second on NC. Several others 100g+
  2. glasi


    Volkhov - Vimba Coords: 106:92 Clip 19 Was going for eel, got these instead.
  3. Thanks for the answers Crucian, helpful as usual. And sorry got hijacking your post Rockwell.
  4. I see, so material takes precedence over diameter in the same kg range. In my example, fluoro would be preferred when fishing for cautious fish, even though it's much thicker. Going back to my other question, which I think I may not have been clear enough: In the shop there are some lines in their own category called "Leader materials" and come in rolls of lengths of 15-20m. Do these lines have any specific characteristics that make them more suitable for making into leaders than lines from the "Lines" category (the usual ones of 100m, 150m, 350m etc).
  5. I understand that material is considered as well, I was trying to figure how important it is compared to diameter. Take two lines from the store, the brand is less important: One is fluoro, 0.45mm diameter and 12.3kg load Second one is Braid, 0.18mm diameter and 12.2kg load Given that they have almost the same load capacity, which one has the least scare factor. The "invisible" fluoro or the much thinner braid?
  6. Any tips on how to release a telescopic rod? Without the reel to take the impact, I keep snapping the line..
  7. glasi


    Seversky Donets - Common Roach Coords: 33:134 Clip: 33
  8. I think what Rockwell6 is asking (and what I would like to find out as well) is: what's the difference between a line from the Leader material category (like US Braid Red Camo for example) and a regular line of the same characteristics (material, diameter, strength). Are they less visible to the fish? Your answer (and the FAQ) points out that leader diameter is actually the main deterring factor for the fish, which makes braid preferable in almost all cases as it's thinner. But what about fluoro, which is described as "invisible in the water" and is so popular among players? Is theres any use for fluorocarbon leaders outside of hinged or chod rigs where a stiff leader is needed?
  9. glasi


    Seversky Donets - Rudd Coords:80:165 depth 85cm
  10. You can buy swivels from Rig Components -> Leaders -> Accessories. Leaders have no quality and need no skill. If you have the tool, the line and the swivels you're ready to go.
  11. glasi


    Kuori - Burbot Coords: 124:83 Max cast towards island
  12. glasi


    Old Burg - Ruffe, Coords: 37:62 clip 8
  13. glasi


    Amber - Frame Sided Carp, Coords: 169:83 Clip 35
  14. There are things you can do to reduce the chance of hooking up with a large pike, like using smaller lures, smaller hooks on the lures or even different types of lures, but you can't avoid it completely. It's pretty difficult to target a certain size of Pike, so better be prepared for the big ones as well. There are also things you can do to avoid getting spooled like following the fish along the shore, trying to get ahead of it and steering it into dead ends. Picking up the fishing spot matters a lot too. For example, at Old Burg, if you're casting West from the bridge at the pond (47:20 or thereabouts), there is very likely the fish will run West or North towards open water and take a lot of line. However, if you're fishing from the southern shore, for example casting East from 42:20, you're effectively casting in the same place, but it's not hard to steer the fish into the pond, where he can't spool you and you can safely tire him out. However, even though catching larger fish is possible with lighter gear, you need to asses yourself if the time investment, gear wear and risk of losing materials is worth it over going for smaller, cheaper fish. In your case, is going for that 100 silver Pike order more efficient than a night of Bream fishing at OB? Or, idk, going for perch or catching Chubs at Winding if you're only into spin fishing? At least until you save some silver to buy better gear to target Pike. In terms of gear, since I think this is what you're looking for, I would recommend a 15kg drag reel or thereabouts, with 300m of braid line to match it and a rod to support it. There are some big pike at Old Burg, and in my experience, even a 10kg drag reel will struggle with the bigger ones, making you waste time to chase the fish around and tire him out, time you could spend catching smaller fish. Lately I've been using a Syberia Caliber HSV with 15.5kg drag and that one fights sub 10kg pikes reliably at Old Burg. You may have to chase the bigger ones for a bit, but overall it doesn't feel like I waste too much time. I haven't gotten any larger ones (trophy +), but those are rare and I'm confident it can deal with them, even if it takes a bit longer.
  15. I would like to suggest that the Premium days given as prize in the forum tournaments be given as a token that can be activated by the player when they wish. Similar to the tokens given as prize in some of the bags in the Winter Season Gifts event. The issue with the current delivery system is that it doesn't allow the player to fully take advantage of the Premium period at his leisure. As it is right now, premium is activated automatically on the account when the RF3 staff processes the tournament rewards, which can happen one or few days after the tournament ended, without knowing exactly when. If real life doesn't allow us to play RF4 in those 3 or 5 days immediately after that, the Premium prize is basically wasted.
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