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  1. Team Name: The Vikings Team Captain: Cypher_X9 Team Members: Alexis_X9 Kala-Maija slem xiix Denise xiix
  2. Description: When switching from a Pop-up Rig where PVA is used, to a Baitfish rig (which is not showing PVA), PVA will still be consumed on every cast while fishing with baitfish. This was discovered while using baitfish rig on Amber lake. Reproducing the problem: I reproduced the problem with a Fortuna Carp on Amber Lake Setup the rod with a full Pop-Up setup with a 50 stack of PVA Switched to Baitfish Rig, equipped hook, leader and live-bait Casted 5 times Switched back to Pop-Up. Now the PVA stack is still equipped, and only shows 45 portions Workaround: Simple workaround is to remove the PVA prior to switching, but has to be done before switching rig. Baitfish rig do not have the option for PVA, and therefore it cannot be removed after.
  3. Team Name: The Vikings #4 Team Captain: Raggy Team Members: moutainbiker2_ the angry fisherman Message #team-comp-registrations
  4. Team Name: The Vikings #3 Team Captain: GinceYT Team Members: Zhulikas Bad Boy Rune Maras5 jonne91
  5. Team Name: The Vikings #2 Team Captain: Aktaion Team Members: thehumuslayer TheAsarya frenky_logar
  6. Team Name: The Vikings #1 Team Captain: Cypher_X9 Team Members: Alexis_X9 Kala-Maija Mozzinator xiix Denise xiix
  7. Team Name: Da Pirates Team captain: MurkyWater Team members: Pudding80 Kwincee GhillieDhuTv HEKQ8
  8. Great idea.. Friend list with a only accept PM's from friends option would be great.
  9. Would be nice to have a Disassemble option when multi selecting things in inventory. Mainly for rods, and lures. Would be extremely useful, especially when doing lure crafting to be able to remove the hooks from lures.
  10. Would be nice with a feature to “multi-craft”. Sitting at the camp fire crafting 1000 servings of tea, or cutting up 50 small fish into pieces of fish, making loads of baitfish etc. can be extremely tedious. And especially late game, this rely don’t give us much as for gameplay. Would be nice to have the option to multi select fish to cut up, or make baitfish out of. Or select in the crafting menu that I want to cook 50 or 100 portions of tea, or make 200 crafting of a certain bait. I don’t mind if it takes the same amount of time, or even 10% more. As long as I don’t have to sit and click “make”, “keep”, “make”, “keep”, “make”, “ok”, “make” etc. After ended crafting we could get a similar screen as with the shovel, X tea crated, X crafting failed. This is a feature that easily could be put behind “premium” giving higher level players one more reason to keep that premium going.
  11. MurkyWater


    Find several times when talking to people on stream or on discord that we discuss equipment; rods, reels, setups etc. while waiting for bites. Time and time again we fall back to having to check stats on things when we go back to the store. Would be awesome to have a PDA or similar that allow us to browse the stores for the lake we are on. Mainly to see stats and prices. Would be awesome to be able to plan out next purchase, what baits to get, and plan what to put in the next PVA/Groundbait, and not having to drive back to see if there is anything called “tiger nut corn” or if there is any type of “nutty corn” Expanding on this functionality, it would also be awesome to be able to put things in a “shopping cart”, and be able to do a “checkout” when you visit the store later. That way you can even do your shopping while waiting for bites. Would also be nice if the same “PDA” could let you check the status on repair, and the current CAFÉ orders. I know it’s been suggested having this in the “ESC” menu, but combining these into a PDA like feature would make it seem a little more… real. Would even go as far as suggesting that the PVA be put behind purchase. I would gladly pay 10-20 000 silver for the PDA to be able to get this feature. And it would give something more to aim towards for “late game”
  12. Many times, I find myself in a comp that just isn’t going my way. I can’t find the fish, or my RNG is just not existent. Also seen that people join a comp, just to realize that they rely don’t have the gear to have a chance against the other players. Being in this situation, and seeing someone else posting a comp that you rely want to join is frustrating, you are stuck in the comp till it’s done. Would be nice to have the option as a Participant to “abandon” a comp. Any fish caught should then be “removed” from the comp leaderboard, and you should be listed as “surrendered” or similar. However, your comp fee remains in the comp. But you are now free to join a new comp. Do not think this feature should be possible for the host. However, it would be nice for the host to be able to post a vote to end the comp early. If the host initiate a vote to end, participants should get a chance to say yes/no, and with 75% of participants voting yes, the comp timer could be reduced to say 5 min. and the comp is ended as normal, with regular payout.
  13. - Mosquito Lake - 35:49 c10 - Pieces of Fish - Ign: MurkyWater
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