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  1. Welp looks like im just going to need to deal with no rf4 till i get a new pc. Thanks for the help.
  2. I felt that at the start but I previously played before for about 4 months and it worked fine. But after a month break my game wouldn't update so i was recommended to uninstall and reinstall I did that and now it wont launch.
  3. RF4EN_Cameron434301_15859_20210208202442.7z
  4. Sorry about 2 photos Im not sure what happened
  5. Hello, I am having trouble launching my game. It started when an updated wouldn't install and i was advised to uninstall then reinstall, Which seemed to go well but now im having struggle launching the game (as shown in photo) if I could please get some help that would be great. P.s I have tried what has been recommended in the rules post.
  6. map B7 Coords 35:49 Bait: fish pieces In game name Cameron434301
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