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  1. Another PVA bug, just used all the PVA, but its still shown on the rod.
  2. Food title inconsistency.
  3. You probably missed something...
  4. Yes, but even after I turned the HDR off, the result was the same. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, RTX3080, 16GB ram, 4K 32" monitor (HDR 600 capable).
  5. I have older driver, version 496.49 (from 26.10.2021), same problem...
  6. As the title says, Tipsy bonus is not working after drinking Sbiten from the Fair.
  7. This would be great and a moderator/owner function too and a possibility to send more than 64 character (yes, thats less than twitter!)...
  8. paiadin

    boat bug

    no, ticket expired
  9. paiadin

    boat bug

    after I finished trolling
  10. paiadin

    boat bug

    Boat is not attached to the pier...
  11. paiadin

    House bug

    after getting back from the other player house, my character was stuck, left mouse button was doing nothing, when I took the rod in the hands, I cannot reel in, when I put the rod back on the ground, it was in wrong position acording the line, had to relog.
  12. paiadin


    Belaya - White Bream, 68:45, clip 9
  13. okay, not a bug, found the mistake... spinning vs. casting rods...
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