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  1. This would be great and a moderator/owner function too and a possibility to send more than 64 character (yes, thats less than twitter!)...
  2. paiadin

    boat bug

    no, ticket expired
  3. paiadin

    boat bug

    after I finished trolling
  4. paiadin

    boat bug

    Boat is not attached to the pier...
  5. paiadin

    House bug

    after getting back from the other player house, my character was stuck, left mouse button was doing nothing, when I took the rod in the hands, I cannot reel in, when I put the rod back on the ground, it was in wrong position acording the line, had to relog.
  6. paiadin


    Belaya - White Bream, 68:45, clip 9
  7. okay, not a bug, found the mistake... spinning vs. casting rods...
  8. We had a little comp at Seversky, but no fish counted to the comp results.
  9. paiadin


    random catch or do they bite more than once a day?
  10. paiadin


    Ladoga Lake 82:59, clip 50
  11. paiadin


    Bear Lake 44:50, clip 22
  12. There are inconsistent descriptions for the lures. And please, add info, which crafting points are shared along other lures...
  13. You are overthinking this. Overlord is simply weaker than Tagara. End.
  14. Overlords max drag is 24,5 kg, Tagara has a max drag of 26,5 kg. So its weaker when fighting a bigger fish. Eg. grass carps around a trophy size (26-28 kg) will spool the Overlord pretty easy but they will have some trouble spooling the Tagara.
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