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  1. okay, not a bug, found the mistake... spinning vs. casting rods...
  2. We had a little comp at Seversky, but no fish counted to the comp results.
  3. paiadin


    random catch or do they bite more than once a day?
  4. paiadin


    Ladoga Lake 82:59, clip 50
  5. paiadin


    Bear Lake 44:50, clip 22
  6. There are inconsistent descriptions for the lures. And please, add info, which crafting points are shared along other lures...
  7. You are overthinking this. Overlord is simply weaker than Tagara. End.
  8. Overlords max drag is 24,5 kg, Tagara has a max drag of 26,5 kg. So its weaker when fighting a bigger fish. Eg. grass carps around a trophy size (26-28 kg) will spool the Overlord pretty easy but they will have some trouble spooling the Tagara.
  9. repairs at Volkov: Tagara 10k mech - 1440 brake - 398 grease - 321 Overlord mech - 1214 brake - 383 grease - 300
  10. Overlord is a little worse Tagara, but it can take much more line and the mech is stronger.
  11. paiadin


    Kuori Bream, spot: 120:114, clip 15, aim at the island
  12. paiadin

    yama bugs

    1/ screen is jumping while shift reeling 2/ bend of the rod sometimes doesnt correspond with the line (will try to screenshot, if that happens again)
  13. time, like in game or real life?
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