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  1. What is this "Dream Fish Voucher" ?
  2. I purchased this float for my UL rod that has a max test load of 5g. But the assembled gear shows the red overload warning, regardless of the hook and bait I put on. This is probably due to the excessive "mass" of this float. There is no other float in the game with a mass larger than its weight.
  3. A Hunter 0-005 in a green stripped bag
  4. Map of Tunguska river with grid and scale
  5. If you climb on this rock there is no way to retreat ==> Alt F4
  6. When cooking the "Fried potatoes with bacon", one serving consumes the full pack of 6 bacon instead of one portion only.
  7. Targeting bleaks at ~60:146, left of the jetty, between it and the reeds, casting medium far in the current, with a light setup : 2 telescopic 8m and 7m, FC 3.2kg, nature fly, depth 33cm. Good surprise: sichels were there, for a bait and at a depth I did not expect them. Non stop casting during half an hour of game, till late in the night (01:00h): 35 pieces / $147
  8. @Kole S I got something similar while trolling at Volkhov. It was a huge catfish, sitting on the ground, and fighting just by the weight of its body (which was far over my capacity). Could see its moustaches only briefly when I brought the boat just over it, but then it sank and disappeared for a new run, followed by a new still position. I fought during 2 days until The Game considered that it was enough and released the fish.
  9. Awesome ! I was laboriously collecting these data from each visit to a café and suddenly they are here, all together, nicely presented and with the Min/Max values as a bonus. I use this data for emptying my keepnet before it reaches 100, keeping only those fishes that might become part of an eventual order. I rely on luck for these orders to appear before the fishes are rotten. @Kole S : as café orders are only active for a couple of hours, how do you expect to capture "all café orders active at all lakes at a glance" ? Do you think there is a pattern of rotation of orders ? They look very random to me.
  10. On my way to Stage 2 of Telescopic rods qualification, I'm stuck with this requirement: "Catch a fish weighing at least 3kg". I am Level 29 and my strongest setup is a Redstick tele rod (cap. 8kg) + FC 7.7kg, looks well above the requirement. I went to Old Burg at 21:67, fished there a couple of hours to see who is there and got nothing bigger than a 3kg black carp. Thinking I was safe, I tried the above setup. After less then 5mn I got a superb bite, ... followed by a superb breakage. Same story the next day, almost immediately also. I interpret this as a clear message from The Game that this setup is not sufficient, which is curious for a Stage 2. The new Qualification system is made to encourage players to follow a certain progression; but is it a normal progression to have such a strong telescopic rod so early ? At stage 4 there is even a requirement for a 6kg fish ! I am reluctant to invest in a heavier telescopic rod as I don't feel safe without a reel when it comes to this range of size. Questions Did some one pass this Stage 2 and how ? Are you guys using the heavy telescopic rods, and how ? If I had to, I would buy the Blade Spirit 700 (18kg - $3357); someone knows this rod ?
  11. As Kole S writes, "it's by design". WarenZ, look at it this way : With your Level 27 status, you need 1.9M XP to reach the next level. A level 38 needs ... 15M ! How could he get 15M XP if the fishes that are offered to him by The Game were not bigger and more numerous than yours? He struggles as much as you to progress, and he may even envy the levels 45 The mechanic behind this is described in my recent post about 1.25 the Golden Ratio in "Player Progression" section. So that I can even tell you that a Level 38 has about 12 times more chances than you (i.e. 1.25 multiplied by 1.25 , and this 11 times, 11 being 38-27). The gear, the skill points, the bonuses do not "explain" the big fishes, they are just "by-products" of the Progression. They make, explain, justify the "1.25". Why does it look so unfair ? Because The Game wants to reward the progression, for players need rewards to continue taking pleasure in this wonderful game. You also are already being rewarded (you have 12 times more chance than a level 16 ), but just not in these weekly rewards. Solution : When I feel frustrated, I return to the jetty of Mosquito, fishing with the beginners, ... and I feel better . If developers were considering improving the "fairness" of the reward allocation, they could easily put in place a handicap system, like in golf or tennis, to level all levels. BTW, same applies to competitions...
  12. The "Player Progression" follows a path dictated by The Game, what I call the in-built "Game Progression". We all noticed how fast the progression is at the beginning and then how it becomes slower and slower. How slower ? For how long ? ... and when will I reach Level 40 ? That is the question. We can have a glimpse of what happens by analysing how the Levels are connected to the XP along this Game Progression. For this I used the Level indicator which shows how many XP one needs to reach the next level. Putting all these raw data on a table and then a graph, we get this: Note 1: Level 29 and 43 are just highlighted to show how it works. Note 2: You see that the curve looks flat till level 23 or so, but the zoom reveals that it's only a matter of scale (look at the scales). There are some strange spikes at Level 20 and 40, confirmed by the table, where the requirement is much higher than during all the rest of the progression. I couldn't figure out why developers put these breaks in place. Well, the curve is a bit chaotic but altogether it has a nice look, something like an exponential. Fiddling with Excel, I found out that, after "cleaning" the series from its two alien spikes, we can get something that can be approximated by a coherent mathematical formula: - just multiply the "number of XP you need to the next level" by 1.25 and you get close to the "next Level requirement". For instance, if you needed 200.000 XP from Level 28 to 29, you will need 250.000 from 29 to 30. In most cases it's not immediately obvious, particularly in the low levels, so let's put this on the graph also. The pink curve has been generated artificially and the result looks really very similar to the raw data (it would be significantly different if it was multiplied by something else than 1.25). The correlation between the two sets of values is 0.997, close to the 1.000 that would be a perfect match. Note: this is a step to step approach, not an absolute mathematical curve. It means that it gives a good visibility from one step to the next but you cannot infer accurately from a level 20 how it will look at a level 40 by just multiplying many times by 1.25. Now, even more interesting than analysing this Game Progression from Level to Level, let's see the overall cumulated game progression, i.e. the total XP one needs from Level 1 to Level 48. For instance, you need 2.5 millions XP from Level 29 to 30, and at that stage you will have harvested a total of 11.5 millions XP since the beginning. Let's sum up the same raw data as initially, after cleaning the 2 spikes. And, while we are here, let's also add a curve with the summing up of the raw data multiplied by 1.25. This gives the following table and curves: Now the correlation is even better: for the "summed up data vs its mathematical representation" it reaches 0.9989 ! A quasi perfect match. All this long story to demonstrate that 1.25 is the Golden ratio of RF4 progression. We will see next what we can infer from that discovery.
  13. Well, it took me less than 10mn of trolling at Volkhov. All my apologizes go to the "ridiculously small turning spoons" which all, to my surprise, were performing well. And thanks to the developers, their Qualification system is an eye opener.
  14. Thanks Goregrinder; nice from you to find me an excuse . I just should check twice before posting. Hoping now that catching a 5 kg fish with these ridiculously small "turning spoons" will not be too time consuming.
  15. The fish I caught when trolling at Volkhov with spinners (Hunter) has not been taken into account in my stage 2 qualification.
  16. With the last patch ("- improved the physics interaction between lures and the bottom surface during reeling", it is now very clear when trolling a wobbler, that it sometimes scratches the bottom. Question: is it necessary to maintain a wobbler above the bottom surface for it to work in optimal conditions ? Or is it favourable to let it scratch it (at least it catches mussels...) ?
  17. At 159:79 one can find pontic shads and sichels from 11h00 to 23h00. They move actually from 158:80 to 160:78 (right and left of 159:79). Pontic shads are interesting for their high XP and silver value. In one day (1/2h fishing) I made 30.000 XP + bonus from my 2 telescopic rods = 50.000XP. The silver was $166 + 2 café orders for a total of $203. The next day the result was about the same, with less fishes but a shad trophy. I used mayfly on FC 3.2 kg and #16, cast where the current is fast. It was fun as I had a fish every 30 seconds (non flagged fishes were discarded). The third rod can be cast in the hole nearby for zander and bream but the results were not very good.
  18. Thanks As I should have seen, my fishes are in Stage 4, where the match rod justifying the title of the qualification starts to show.
  19. Here is the scale of the Seversky Donets River map. The "50 m" are just the casting distance I used as a reference. The value you need for determining your clipping is 85 m for a square side.
  20. The fishes I captured with a match rod are not accounted for in the qualifications. I got many, of different species, they are not appearing, as you can see on the picture below. I'm not quite sure but it seems they are going to Telescopic.
  21. - open https://rufish4.ru/ and you land on this Welcome Screen: - change the language to English (top right); the next time you open it it will be https://rufish4.ru/en - go to "Maps and coordinates" and select your waterbody, - here are the really recent spots reported by the members, generally few minutes old, with an appreciation of their validity, - for each one see "more details" for which you need a translator. Depending your translator, the result may be more or less ... funny. I use ImTranslator, an add-on to various browsers that proposes both the Google and the Microsoft results. One of them generally works better. The above shows the results of both in overlay. - back to the welcome screen, the "Wiki" will show you where you can find the species of fish you are interested in.
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