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  1. Amber Lake 124:66 G8 clip35 4 artificial corn peach spicy peach dip
  2. Big Ide on boiles! amber lake 124.66 clip 35 they seems to really like vanilla boiles!
  3. Amber Lake - Linear Carp 124.66 clip35
  4. Amber lake- Mirror carp 65.113 clip40
  5. Friction brake on caliber almost gone
  6. Bear lake 55.31 clip17
  7. trolling around kuori lake, my first lake trout trophy and my first regional weekly record!
  8. Good morning Devs! First of all I wanted to congratulate you for the work done so far, indeed for the masterpiece! As a carp fishing enthusiast, I have some tips for you on the possible addition of new game components. First of all I find the rod pods for fishing rods a little too "simple" so it would be nice to implement rod pods for carp fishing like the following: In addition to this, I believe it is appropriate to implement reels suitable for this type of fishing with the baitrunner button, which allows the reel to remain in free friction, in order to allow the fish once auto-hooked "free to go" and a once this has happened, just start recovering to deactivate the baitrunner and activate the reel friction previously setted, here is an example of a reel with baitrunner: Lastly, the carp fishing rod pod together with a suitable bite alarm will work perfectly. Which, if desired, can also be connected to a control unit which the fisherman can carry with him (or possibly positioned on the screen) which warns based on the sound emitted or the color of the LED on which of the 3 rods the bite took place, example: I conclude by congratulating you again and I hope I have been useful to you, Maialex88 (I play via a steam account)
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