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  1. Buddy, the request is not for a mobile phone, that is a suggestion in a comment, my request is a button in the menu, titled "Cafe orders", where you will see real time cafe orders in view only, you won't be able to fulfill them from the menu, to fulfill them you still need to go to the cafe, this is as real life as it gets and practically is very easy to implement.
  2. Taking in consideration that we are on 21'st century and everyone has technology, we can assume that any cafe can afford a mobile and internet connection, therefore they should be in touch with reality. Cafe orders doesn't update every hour and maybe you don't fish for just an hour and go back to take printscreens of cafe orders. Of course it makes no sense for cafe orders on belaya because is a 5 meters trip to the cafe, lol. You just said that you prefer taking screen shots every hour, now this is your workaround on what the feature requested offers.
  3. Considering is a simulation game, if you already can see records and statistics, means that you already have some kind of device with online feature Of course any feature that will help achieve this is acceptable, even if is bought with gold or silver (keeping the price in a reasonable range).
  4. Hello, First of all i want to thank you for the good work that you guys are doing. I would like to suggest that the Open orders from Cafe should be visible from the main menu. It would be a good addition to the game and would help us stop spending so much time (many times for nothing), on a road to Cafe and back to fishing spot. The orders should be view only, the option to fulfill the order should still be completed by going to the cafe. It would also be a great addition to see orders from all cafe's on all the maps, so if you have the option to fulfill that order, you can go to the specified map. Thank you
  5. Map: Volkhov River Grid Square: F4 Trolling Bait: Ylin-Uistin Snatcher-S003 Ingame name: Raoulex
  6. Map: Akhtuba River Grid Square: I8 Trolling Bait: Ylin-Uistin Snatcher-S003 Ingame name: Raoulex
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