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  1. Ty but I am still not sure how that works. Do you mean you use less boilies to make a dry mix if they are crushed?I can just ad any boilie to the dry mix recipe for pva without crushing. My question really is what do I gain or what is the purpose of crushing boilies before adding them?
  2. As you can add boilies in dry mix without crushing to make pva , what is the reason for the boilie crusher? what is the advantage or gain?
  3. hi, i keep getting a message internal error please contact support
  4. The recipe calls for a carp and I have a 2.4 kg frame sided carp. Any reason it wont allow me to use it in this recipe as it just says carp?
  5. Ty I managed to verify my account now. Ty again guys.
  6. I put in my telephone number and got a code but now asked for a password? which password please.
  7. ok i found it thanks
  8. could someone kindly point me to the rf4 channel discord link? thanx
  9. Hi, I cannot log in and I have alot of fish that need selling including a trophy taimen, if this persists is it possible support could just look at my account and sell all my fish so I dont lose all that silver lol
  10. Hi, I just caught a dolly on yama at 8kg but sold it as the new data sheet showing cafe orders reads that the only dolly oreder is for 8.749 so i sold it....next cafe orders included a dolly of 7.5 kg for 344.41 silver guess I lost 144 silver as mine sold for 200 lol
  11. I am a newish player about to get to the stage where reel repairs and maintaneance will be more common. Is there a guide anywhere to advise at what percentage each part of the reel its advisable to replace or repair? as I think I read somewhere certain items are replaced not repaired so should only be looked at when its necessary.
  12. Are there any groups or squads on RF4? I am fairly new but very active ( 7 weeks gameplay 90%+ bottom fishing) and just wondered if there are teams out there recruiting? If not I would love to find a mentor with time to spare now and then. Happy holidays all.
  13. Hi, can i gift premium to a friend
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