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  1. Just a thought but do the devs think that as we make lures could we not make floats also as a new tech? also why not perhaps be able to repair and paint floats and lures?
  2. Just checking and its the same for me on all maps. Do I need to re install the game?
  3. even weirder since latest fix. As you see I have no power bar, keep net or closeup float lol basically like real fishing lol
  4. if I go to the cafe at old burgh I do not get a prompt to enter? has the cafe been taken away?
  5. yes thanks I just found out we had a house at mosquito...ty
  6. just got back from holiday and saw in the update cottage pond has gone. Where is all the items I had there or is it lost now?
  7. havent played for a while and had lots in of stuff in my cottage pond where is that all now lol
  8. thanks i think frame sided was the same but that was fixed...thanks again.
  9. Sorry I posted here but weeks ago I asked in crafting why wild carp cannot be used to make the fried carp recipe? as I got no answer I am just trying other places in the forum.
  10. thanks but I agree with you I think a worm is a worm lol but ty for making it clear.
  11. The catch a 3kg fish using a bolognaise rod and worm bait while drifting with the current. I just caught a 3kg plus broad whitefish this way but did not get the qualification, Does it mean with only a worm no sandwich bait? I think it must be that as I was using redworm and caster. If it is that could i use 2 worms or is it you can only use 1 worm. Also is it any bait that has the word worm in its description ?
  12. yes I looked at that but after 18 months my fortunas are 7% and are really cheap but I take your point. As for making it low for a chance of a fight I see lots of locked up Vengas with players walking backwards dragging Trophys on the bank lol. Thanks for the comment, keep safe.
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