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  1. Ok so back to the Arch tested same setup with magnetic,rage and ethalon hooks.......everything was fine?????? Obviously I was doing something before but no idea what....thank you guys for the suggestons and ideas and Rag for the time and trouble...be safe guys
  2. thats so weird can i ask what your fb was set at? I will go back and o it all over.
  3. yes and fishing cats with no fluro its great...its just when trolling which is not a problem as I bought 2 barracudas just to drift for cats at ahktuba. I will be getting the ultras for sure, just deciding if a triumph is really worth that much silver especially as I understand repair costs are ridiculous lol
  4. yes 2 lures is correct the ethlon were on the barracuda and i had no trouble on the advent or rocket. To be honest any of those hooks should not have a problem with a 2 kg pike right? lol
  5. To try the other value rod in the casting range I tested this setup. I started with the friction break on 27 and it worked great on fish up to 15kg.
  6. sorry you are right about the frogs but they sell at the same gold price as crayfish tails and mussels right?
  7. Thanks but I have now found if I leave the game after changing venues and return my ticket was saved. Thanks
  8. I have no trouble with the advent setup and have landed 50kg plus sturgeoncats and taimen. The barracuda as I mentioned unless I set the friction to 10 or less is red even on a 2 kg fish. I understand that low stiffness in this rod is to help when say a large cat dives fast but in reality as the " noodle " types of rod start to bend they increase their resistance and so increase their power gradually. The weakest point of this setup is over 50kg... I cannot see how such a small fish can put this in the red.
  9. I decided to buy a Barracuda rod to pair with my venga as a cheap start to catfishing. It worked really well. I then went to Ladoga archepelego and thought I would test the setup there.I got a bite which instantly took me into the red so i kept slackening the friction break and when it was at 10 it finally came out of red and bounced between green and amber....2kg pike? So mystified I setup this, barracuda rod,venga reel,80kg braided line,55 kg fluro and an ethalon hook. even really small fish took my setup into the red unless my freiction break was really low. Along side this I ran an advent 50kg rod,venga reel, 55 kg braided line and a 43 kg fluro leader.....it brings in most fish I catch there inclufding trophy pike and zander pretty easily rare going half way in the amber and my friction break is 25 starting. I should also say my equipment is kept well serviced and in fact I had just serviced my vengas. I fished for an hour and basiucally every fish took the barracuda into red. How on earth does a 2 kg put that much pressure on a setup that is at its weakest point 55 kg? I know the barracuda rod is designed to be :limp: so that it can take cats diving at the last moment cushioning other equipment but those types or rods back up the more you bend them so if you bend it to its test curve you will be fighting that measurement, that why its called a test curve. Just curious as to how this happens and if its meant to be that way as in real life it isnt lol
  10. I catch a frog and use a basic knife to harvest a bait that does not age...to do the same with mussels and crayfish I need a knife that cost 6000 silver? even though the cost to buy frogs is the same? Can we not have all baits available as silver?
  11. Hi, I am wondering if this is designed or a bug. I started the day at ladoga archepelego with a 5 day boat ticket. After fishing for 2 days I decided to go to ladoga to fuly repair my reels before continuing at ladoga. When I returned my boat ticket had explired> surely if I am not there it does not continue to run right? or maybe it does lol
  12. As we have knifes etc to harvest fish,mussels and crayfish as baits could you add a piece of equipment we could buy to convert nature worms into chopped worms to be used as the additive we buy to make dry mix and GB? Also why do you limit the max strength of leadcore for carp fishing as by doing so you govern the maximum test of a carp setup to under 37 KG. Basically then using TI rods or vengas is pointless right? Why is lead core a required option? . In reality its only purpose is to sink light setup quickly and with 99% of carp rigs the weight does that. Just curious as I fished carp over 55 years. Just a few other thoughts, portable camp stoves to cook tea and keep warm without running to a camp site. rod pods like the one outside Seversky Donets tackle shop that can take 5 rods, 3 for fishing plus the marker and rocket rod. Love this game by the way,great job guys.
  13. Thanks so basically the more worn a set is the less you get back as a refund hence the different costs...thanks.
  14. I was under the impression line guides were a replaced item and therefore the cost is the same at 1% wear and 99%. I was looking to replace them on my fortuna carp rods and all are different prices?
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