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  1. I am a newish player about to get to the stage where reel repairs and maintaneance will be more common. Is there a guide anywhere to advise at what percentage each part of the reel its advisable to replace or repair? as I think I read somewhere certain items are replaced not repaired so should only be looked at when its necessary.
  2. Are there any groups or squads on RF4? I am fairly new but very active ( 7 weeks gameplay 90%+ bottom fishing) and just wondered if there are teams out there recruiting? If not I would love to find a mentor with time to spare now and then. Happy holidays all.
  3. Hi, can i gift premium to a friend
  4. ty I found that and sent a request have a great holiday.
  5. Hi ty but when I use that link it just takes me to a google browser list? ooops lol I guess thats an email address to write a request too
  6. Hi, I started the game using Steam but if possible can I transfer my account and profile and play directly from RF4. If its possible is there a link to show me how? thank you,stay safe and happy holiday.
  7. aqh I see thanks for the amazing fast response you guys rock
  8. Hi, I just looked at my fantasia rod and it says I can only use gold to repair it? is that correct only I thought I could use silver?
  9. I checked that setup guide out its awesome thanks. I am on discord is there a link to the channel?
  10. is there a link to the discord channel anywhere?
  11. Thanks I was looking for a channel will join. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks I thought I had been making a huge mistake lol...Is there anywhere specific or person/group I can ask abot my next rods and reels. I have been playing about 4 weeks,have some nice kit including sabre 60s but at level 20 want to get my first carp gear.I will have around 6-7000 silver so could get 2 fortuna 360xh or 2 siberia 360xh and then I was thinking narga 8000 reels as soon as I can.
  13. I just had a thought. I only keep green tagged fish to sell. If I catch and release fish do I still get the XP?
  14. Hi, I just started playing and love the game. In 3 weeks I am almost level 19. As a really old guy lol who was lucky enough to have been involved in fishing right through the evolution of carp fishing and speciman hunting I find this game really interesting. I was lucky enough to have field tested lots of products now in use. I was just wondering if specimen landing nets, rod pods, brollie camps ,aquasheds, optonic style alarms etc is something that might be added. The brollie camps were invented by Dave Barnes a great friend of mine and hand made in his kitchen lol, Boilies were invented and first used on lakes I fished and I was fortunate to know many of the old anglers now legends. Being involved in one of the first bait companies that side of the game really intrigues me. Optonic alarms were made 100 yards from where I lived. I fished most carp waters in the UK catching almost every known carp (they all had names lol) then when it got so commercial I fished through Europe where I rarely met anyone carping. Just thought someone might find this of interest. Is there a discord chat channel for the game as I could really use a bit of guidance.
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