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  1. Many thanks for giving us this tool.
  2. This has happened both before and after update. During session for bottom fishing. Once a fish is hooked and a volume adjustment needs to be made I will use ESC>SETTINGS>AUDIO, adjust APPLY>OK>ESC>ESC. After getting back into game screen my CTRL+R MOUSE does not work for the duration of the fight. Thanks for looking into it
  3. Blitzn


    I used 58kg line....it was not even close to being strong enough. Good luck
  4. Just posting my finding after 1 HH progress when started was 88% progress when finished was 94.9% 548 units of Zander spoon made
  5. This has been happening over the last month or so. Seems to happen most on Kuori Lake, the last time tonight was on Bear Lake. The game just closes. Attached is the Diagnostic file. Thanks for checking into it. RF4EN_Blitzn_15859_20210520211102.7z
  6. Blitzn


    Perhaps a much smaller adjustment is needed, a code can be added under trolling mode that gives a directional travel of the boat on the map, The player is in a fixed point on the boat, easy to put an additional arrow on the map showing the front direction of the boat from that point in a different color.
  7. Blitzn


    This is for the trophy hunters... Belaya White Bream - 71.67 Clip12 Classic Hair Rig Super Amino 8/Intense Bloodworm 12 Dace - 66.28 Clip 16 Bolognese Rig Depth 50cm Belaya Card Complete
  8. Blitzn


    Went to Winding after @Elwoodiath2 posted his donets trophy, I needed it as well to finish my card. Thanks for the spot and set up!! Winding White Bream 107.100 Clip 7
  9. Blitzn


    Volkhov Whitefish Ladoga 66:31 30 ~ 35 clip The PVA is a recipe that was on discord months ago, I don't know who to give credit to for it
  10. Colt, I use a program called Borderless Gaming. It works great for my dual monitor set-up.
  11. Blitzn 153.142 Tunguska River Caddisfly/Redworm
  12. Blitzn


    Well said, I agree 100%. It's not that I really expect or want much, some fairness brought to the RNG factor seems like an reasonable request. Just a look at the weekly records will tell you there is an imbalance. Week after week the same people on the boards. Not to discredit them, but it's an easy point to see. I have seen many anglers post their catch on discord and forums, looking at the set up I just shake my head and wonder what the hell I'm doing wrong. Not sure how some just throw a 16kg line with no leader on and catch a trophy 3kg fish. I have tried many different set-ups to get a similar result only to leave the map in frustration. It would be nice to see some effort put in on this topic from the Mod staff. I really enjoy this game, but finding myself putting in less and less hours. Thanks for posting the thread Badfish
  13. Blitzn


    Speed was 24, but the fish hit the lure on the drop
  14. Kuori H5 trolling Dodger Crank 10-SS006 Blitzn
  15. This boys got the big brain working tonight...another great idea!!!
  16. Kuori F7 trolling Hunter 1-002 Blitzn
  17. Blitzn


    Kole, this is one I got earlier around the same spot. 71ish 130 tuba Not sure why the blade doesn't handle it.
  18. Thanks for looking into this matter. Please give the awards to Dizzybadger as he was the player who posted the largest fish within the parameters of the contest.
  19. Hello, I am asking for clarification to the rules for Fish of the week as it pertains to USA, and Other Region event. Specifically to the week of 11/16 - 11/22 - Donets Ruffe. The winner was posted today as iTzJuninho777 for his fish posted on November 21st at approximately 1 pm Pacific time. A 268g Donets Ruffe. https://rf4game.com/forum/uploads/monthly_2020_11/rf4_4.0.15158_20201121_110456.thumb.png.f54b81546249897b70c7c946d45b9cd2.png What appears to be the same fish was posted to RF4 Discord November 21st at approximately 6 am Pacific time. A 268g Donets Ruffe. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/550004069763383306/779710742538223636/rf4_4.0.15158_20201121_110456.png The fish has to be caught within the challenge time frame and posted within three hours of being caught. Everything will be checked carefully in the logs so there is no possibility of any cheating. Thank you for your time Blitzn
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