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  1. Common roach . 73:12 clip 35 nightcrowler
  2. Sura 97:39 clip 50 . nightcrowler
  3. yes, in the main chat, have the time of the day ( of the game, because if is the real time will be confuse between diferent countries ) where people are speaking, not the private messages
  4. Hi all, my suggestion, is to add the time that members are speaking in the chat of the game , this could facilitate when people are saying "hello" you don't know when are the people entering the game, regards. Pablo
  5. Sura river 73-12 bottom fishing with night cowler clip 13 Roach troffe
  6. Sura River troffee bottom fishing with nightcrowler 114-96 clip 75
  7. Hi all, just wondering if there is any possibilities in adding an extra hole for a road in the boats , as well as the posiibility of leaving the feeder/ bottom roads in those holes. Thanks very much Merry christmas
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