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  1. It was pretty well for me the past day. ~4h fishing at 65:37 casting to the 11m hole. i'd say 90% on this setup(only changed short times when it dried up)
  2. wait until the next update, since some reels will be changed
  3. Grunzor

    Spinning Reels

    id say the minimum to have fun and make silver on bear lake are gold80 or alfa80, otherwise you will just get spooled over and over again
  4. Grunzor


    Im wondering why there is still no information on what they has been changed, when on the german forum it has been posted 3hours ago. -Fish in sura now change their habitat and prefered bait/lure -russian sturgeon is worth 10% less
  5. Complains are a daily struggle with online games, you cant keep them out of a forum. When you switched from the hyper-thread style to this one you said we should write off-topic stuff here. Of course all the complains will come here too then when there is no "complain-thread", but they wont go away if you mute them. You stated your point of view, but did you really expect people not to react to it? From my experience people cool down themselves after some time, cause they react to your statement and then 90% are done with the topic. So was I, what made me post again was the deleting of my post cause I couldnt understand it since imo I did nothing wrong. Now at least I know your reasons. Judging from your posts you are angered too, but I hope you can still read this with an objective mindset, cause I actually wanna help you here.
  6. this here is a good example of a downwards spiral, it started ~january, if you wanna see how these things behave just look at the player numbers of an other very successful fishing game on steam. They started to fuck up after the steam release, denied everything and hmm lost a big part of their regular players to rf4.(with short recoveries after introducing features long awaited by the community) And thats how the cookie will crumble here too
  7. And still you are so butthurt that they surpassed you, that you delete and hand out warnings to people stating the full name? With your arguing you should be proud and allow people to see that a different developer team used your ideas and put them to use 2 years ago. But at least you are on track to ruining your game before and not after steam release. Anyways nice to see that you finally saw i was right, about the 3 mega threads being bad for a forum, all along. Just maybe its a bit late now
  8. lel nice one deleting my post because i mention you taking the same path as the most successful fishing game on steam( i hope this is vague enough for your minister of cencorship), but I guess there is no stopping you from following your big brothers footprints
  9. As I see it, the "problem" with spinn fishing is the gap of new fish. On mosquito there are mainly perch and pike, then at level 7 you add zander and decent sized chub( yes you will get the odd ide, catfish and burbot but not too many and nobody wants catfish at level 7 anyways). And thats all the fish you will see untill level 16, which takes a while and gets dull if you catch the same 5 fish. Oh and when you are finally at Kuori your gear wont be ready for the big boys. Imo Kuori becomes fun and profitable when you have the gold 80 reel and thats at lvl20 But to answer your questions: 1 If you highten xp gain for spinn fishing it will be too op in the later stages of the game since fish like char,salmon and zander give really good xp and money as it is now and thats why most high level players, that I know, mostly use spinning. 2 Bass are an "american thing" But they are allways fun to fish for and a lot of people will be asking for them once rf4 hits steam
  10. Grunzor

    Old Burg Lake

    There are no Zander in either of those lakes. If you want Zander, you will have to go to Winding Rivulet or wait till lvl 20
  11. Grunzor

    Old Burg Lake

    I have no experience in jigging at Old Burg, but at kuori the red,brown and black maggot worked really well for char and burbot
  12. i really really really hope that scheduling and aplying to competitions will be a thing, cause as previous stated competions look and feel great, but nobody wants to sit in lobby for ages and wait for players.
  13. Grunzor

    Old Burg Lake

    Spinning: 7,5-10kg should be enough to land everything, except for trophy pike, without too much of a hustle. Float: id say 7,5kg and if you hook into a grass carp just open the reel and hope it gets off the hook
  14. you only get the point when you are using the rod, but it doesnt show in your skill tree. So you have the extra casting distance and control, but only when using this exact rod.
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